KURABO’s Concentration Meter features long-term stability, high accuracy, and high response speed.
It is ideal for production sites for semiconductors and liquid crystal panels where control of chemical concentration is critical. It contributes to the reduction of downtime in the production process while ensuring high reliability, long life, and long-term stability.

Infrared spectroscopy is widely used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical compositions.
Kurabo’s film thickness meters, which have a “Chemical Eye”, use this infrared technology to focus on the layer or component to be measured.
We satisfy the various needs of worksites for online measurement.

AFVI systems for HDI/Flex PCB: BBMaster
BBMaster can do the job for you!
Allows highly accurate inspection for general PCBs, LED mounted PCBs, ceramic boards, metallic boards, etc.
A super high-speed switching camera developed by Kurabo and a high performance optical systems are mounted on a transfer device fitted with the customer’s PCB.
KURABO can provide sophisticated AFVI systems employing special cameras, lightings and image processing technology that is the best suitable for the customer those who are not satisfied with conventional AFVI systems.



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