Verity Instruments is an industry leading manufacturer of optical emission instruments and software applications for endpoint detection, advanced process control, and film thickness measurement.

Verity’s optical emission-based instruments include spectrometers, monochromators and interference filter-based detectors. These products are used for endpoint determination in etch, ion beam etch, CVD etchback, photoresist strip, chemical/mechanical polishing (CMP) and other processes. Verity instrumentation also provides for plasma diagnostics, process development, process control and film thickness measurement.

The development of advanced signal processing algorithms permits Verity to offer solutions for low-exposed area endpoint and other complex signal processing applications. Advanced software applications include proprietary pattern recognition (Neural Network) and multi-wavelength algorithms.

semiconwest_teamThe SD1024GTM spectrometer features a back-thinned 1024-element CCD detector array, which enables simultaneous measurement of all wavelengths from 200 to 800nm. When the SD1024G is combined with a xenon flashlamp, the resulting system can be used for in-situ or in-line film thickness or depth measurement.

General-purpose instruments, including manual monochromators, analyze a single wavelength at a time. Monochromators and compact, cost-effective interference filter-based detectors use a photomultiplier tube, or a lower cost photodiode, as a detector. This broad range of instruments allows Verity to supply customers with the level of performance required for their application.


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