NuFlare Technology, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a spinoff of the Semiconductor Equipment Division of Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. Since that time, we have developed and provided state-of-the-art electron beam mask writers, mask inspection systems and epitaxial growth systems for the manufacture of semiconductor devices, thereby contributing to the development of the semiconductor industry.

Today, semiconductor devices are widely used in communication devices, home appliances, automobiles and other personal and home products, many of which are interconnected via communication networks to create new value and support a good life for people. Accompanying the rapid evolution of semiconductor technology, demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is becoming increasingly challenging and diverse.

We have over thirty years of experience in developing electron beam mask writers that print IC circuit patterns on photomasks. Photomasks are quartz plates used to transfer IC circuit patterns onto silicon wafers for semiconductor devices, and play a pivotal role in micro- and nano-fabrication processes by improving productivity and device performance. NuFlare’s electron beam mask writers lead the industry and are valued by customers worldwide.

Our mask inspection systems, which identify defects in the printed patterns on photomasks,and SiC epitaxial growth systems for power devices are expected to find more widespread use in electric vehicles (EVs) are also highly valued by our customers. Furthermore, multi-beam mask writers and electron beam mask inspection systems are currently moving from the development phase to use in practical applications.

NuFlare Technology will maintain advanced technological capabilities to provide semiconductor manufacturing equipment that meets customer needs in a timely manner, and sustain our vision that states “Contributing through leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment to the advance of the semiconductor industry, society, and mankind.”


The EB Mask Writer system "EBM-9500" with enhanced placement accuracy is suitable for developing next generation photo-masks.

1) 50kV acceleration voltage enables greater contrast writing.
2) Multiple pass writing method improves the performance of shot stitching.
3) High throughput with variable stage speed and high current Density(1200A/cm2)
Key Parameters
Mask size    6inch
Acceleration voltage    50kV
Current density    1200A/cm2


Mask Inspection System NPI-8000

High Productivity Mask Inspection System
Mask Inspection System NPI-8000
The most advanced high throughput Mask Inspection System "NPI-8000" for hp10nm design rule.

1) 199nm wavelength light source.
2) High speed inspection within 60 minutes.
3) High sensitivity to enables inspection of the most advanced photomasks.
Key Parameters
Mask size    6inch
Wavelength    199nm
Inspection time    60minutes


Epitaxial Reactors

HT2000FD Single Wafer Epitaxial Reactor
8" Single Wafer Si Epitaxial Reactor
HT2000FD deposits high quality silicon epitaxial films at a low cost, contributing to improved performance and cost reduction of power devices.

EPIREVO S6 Single Wafer Epitaxial Reactor
4"/6" Single Wafer SiC Epitaxial Reactor
EPIREVO™ S6 6 inch single-wafer SiC Epitaxial Reactor delivers improved performance and cost reduction of SiC power devices.

6"/8" Single Wafer GaN-on-Si MOCVD
GaN has attracted attention as an LED and a next generation power device material. The EPIREVO™ G8 MOCVD system deposits GaN films on eight inch Si substrates.



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