AAM supplies multiple product platforms broken down into two major groups:
1.  Soldering Products:  Sold under the known and trusted brand of ALPHA, AAM supplies;

a.    BGA, CSP, WLP ball, sphere and micro sphere attach Fluxes;

b.    Flip Chip Fluxes;

c.    Solder Pastes for multiple semiconductor packaging applications;

i.    Passive Attach

ii.    Wafer Bumping

iii.    Die Attach; and

d.    Solder Spheres in standard, low temperature and high reliability alloys;

e.    as well as flux and solder paste for a range of other engineered applications

2.   Electronic Polymers:  AAM supplies products for several emerging and high reliability applications;

a.    Getters:  Specialty materials are supplied to scavenge hydrogen, moisture, and particles to allow for reliable use of high reliability hermetic and near-hermetic packages, including MEMS and MOEMS devices.

b.    Moisture Barrier Seal:  Polymeric-based materials are supplied for sealing near hermetic packages with an effective moisture barrier to enable long, reliable use of MEMS/MOEMS packages.

c.    Underfills in capillary and no-flow styles:  AAM offers low cost of ownership solutions that enable underfilling of small gap and fine pitch flip chip devices, chip on wafer and wafer stacking applications.

d.    Conductive Adhesives:  Highly conductive adhesives are being developed that provide the high thermal conductivity of solders, coupled with the high throughput, high compliance, and low cost-of-ownership of silver-filled epoxies.

AAM’s US headquarters are located just outside of Atlanta, GA, USA, and our Asia operations are based out of Singapore.  For questions concerning orders, product information, or technical support, please contact one of our sales contacts provided.  We are here to assist you achieve all your packaging goals.