HENGHUI Technology Corporation limited is an integrated circuit enterprise, which sets lead frame, module packaging, wafer thinning, dicing and testing as one. We are one of the 26 members of the national financial card chip localization union, presided the national standards of integrated circuit (card) package framework, owns dozens of patents and software copyrights, our products, and production technology are fully self-developed, substituted imports and realized exports. We have passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system and the ISO14001: 2015 environment management system certification, also obtained the certificates of safety system CC EAL 5+ and CQM, the quality ranks in the forefront of the industry.

We are a high-tech enterprise, which has the industry-leading manufacturing facilities and R & D (Research and Development) center, we established the efficient production capacity, high-level produce technology, and perfect upstream and downstream industry chain supports. We can produce contact, contactless, dual interface, gold-plated, palladium-plated and other multiple series, dozens of specifications of IC card packaging frames and module products, and we can custom develop and produce personalized smart card products according to customers’ requirements. The production capacity ranks second in the world. We are the important partner of the domestic well-known and internationally well-known security chip design companies, which includes CEC huada Electronic Design, Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics, Samsung Electronics, Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics, Datang Microelectronics and so on. Our products are sold to the European Union, Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, and other countries and regions, widely used in the fields of communication, finance, transportation, identification, IoT and public safety.

We have achieved the mass production of the etched metal lead frame and IoT eSIM card packages, and have broken the international monopoly, filled the domestic gap and widely replaced imports. At the same time, we have occupied a certain market share in the IoT security field, opening up a broad path for the subsequent development of enterprises.

We commit to independent research and development and product innovation, have built an integrated circuit packaging, testing and materials engineering research center, the investment in research and development has reached more than 5% of the total revenue, have professional reliability and failure analysis laboratory. We have a high-level R&D team, which brings together researchers from national and international, more than 30% of the R&D team member have Ph.D. and master degrees. They are full of vitality and innovative spirit and provide strong support for the rapid development of new products. The R&D team provides a steady flow of technical reserves and preliminary research and development on basic materials, key processes, and future new product design, providing sufficient motivation for the long-term development of the enterprise.

We plan to achieve the target of the company listing on the capital markets in the next two years, to drive with the double wheel of business and capital, to integrate the national and international industry resources, to provide first-class products and services for customers, to lead the industry technology development direction, to achieve ten billions of leaping development, to build a global leader enterprise in IC packaging materials field.

Smart card packing tape
The IC card substrates produced by HENGHUI are widely used in telecom, banking, mobile payment, military industry, aerospace, social security, health,education, transportation, logistics, food , public safety ,etc. At present, we have dosens of patents and won unanimous recognition from worldwide customers with excellent service and perfect after sales .


HENGHUI provides customers with smart card module and testing services which include contact,contactless and dual interfaces IC card module. HENGHUI is committed to promoting the application,development and manufacturing of module products in the fields of telecom, banking, transportation, security recognition and IOT.


Wafer Test & Scratch Reduction
HENGHUI Technology provides 12-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch wafer thinning and scribing services to customers. It has formed a one-stop industrial service chain from wafer thinning and scribing, module packaging and testing and core materials in one, providing customers with comprehensive, professional and fast services.


High precision etched metal lead frame
The high precision etching metal lead frame branch factory of HENGHUI Technology is equipped with 23000m² production workshop and supporting utilities equipment, using self-developed production technology, customized introduction of international advanced production and testing equipment and instruments, products cover QFN, DFN, SOP, DIP, FC and other hundreds of models, the current production capacity of up to 30 million per year, products break the international monopoly, fill the gaps in the country, widely replace the import, and is committed to first-class products and services to continue to create value for customers.