NanJing Sanchao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a Listed company in China’s Stock market. Founded in 1999, invested by Board Chairman Zou Yuyao and his value shared of like-minded board members. Now it covers an area of 8.70 hectares with an investment of 15 Million USD.

Sanchao, in Chinese means: Three Exceeding.

1.Exceeding the International Quality standard.

2.Providing customers with highly competitive products and services are beyond the customers’ expectations.

3. our toughness to overcome all the problems in the process of our designing, making  innovation and researching on the Diamond and CBN finished products is stronger than Diamond/CBN itself.

Sanchao has been focusing on designing, innovation, researching and manufacturing of all types of Diamond and CBN tools, which are widely applied in automobile, Semiconductor, PV solar and cemented carbide industries.

Meanwhile, in Japan Sanchao established a R&D center consisting of over ten Japanese experts with well experience, highly expertise and excellent craftsmanship. As a result, in designing and researching on Diamond and CBN Tools, Sanchao has taken up a leading position in China. Moreover, the spirit of craft man and preciseness have been planted in the mind of every employee of Sanchao.

Thanks to the larger investment for over one decade and accumulation in technology, Sanchao has possessed a number of authorized Patents and unique Core technologies, and now is one of the makers on China's industrial Standard of Diamond wire.

Our mission is to offer Diamond and CBN tools, services, and technical support that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations, while relentlessly pursuing endless improvement strategies to further enhance these products and services, and finally achieving Win-Win for all concerned.

The Company's products include:


    Application- silicon slicing, sapphire slicing, silicon square, truncated.


  •     Edge Wheel for Sapphire Wafers:



Edge grinding wheel for bevel machining of semiconductor material substrates.

Thanks to a design featuring a uniform layer of fine grains and high-precision finishing technology, this grinding wheel makes high-quality, high-precision machining possible with minimal chipping.

Both outer-circumference machining and notch machining wheels are available in three types: single-groove, multi-groove, and composite rough finishing.


· Even one diamond layer minimizes processing damage.

· Wear-resistant bond with a high grain holding force is used to achieve high shape retention and long life.

· Highly precise slotted shape and finishing technology support various wafer shapes.

· Copper-less support.



  •   Dicing Blades


Notched Wheel for Silicon and Sapphire Wafers


Grinding wheel for bevel machining of semiconductor material substrates. 


Notch machining wheels are available in three types: single-groove, multi-groove, and composite rough finishing.


Notch machining Beveling silicon wafers Beveling sapphire wafers
Wheel size φ3.8×36L×11T×8U×1.4X φ3.8×36L×11T×8U×1.4X


Even one diamond layer minimizes processing damage. 

Wear-resistant bond with a high grain holding force is used to achieve high shape retention and long life. 

Highly precise slotted shape and finishing technology support various wafer shapes. 

Copper-less support.



  • Back Grinding Diamond Wheels (for silicon wafers)

By using a diamond wheel for back grinding of patterned silicon wafers, it is possible to obtain a smooth, surface finish with minimum working strain.


  • Hubless Blades





Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) helps smooth wafer surfaces, an important part of VLSI production. Conditioning is essential to assure stable CMP grinding. Sanchao Diamond offers a variety of CMP conditioners to suit diverse wafer shapes and specifications.


An optimized abrasive grain layer structure that follows elastic deformation of a pad makes abrasives work efficiently and provides longer life.


Conditioning of polishing pads used for flattening (CMP) of metallic films and insulating films in the semiconductor LSI process.




  • Grinding wheel for crankshaft and camshaft

t is used for high-efficiency and powerful grinding of engine crankshaft connecting rod diameter and shaft diameter surface, camshaft peach-shaped surface and main shaft diameter surface. 


Main features:

The high porosity ceramic bond formula developed by our company has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and high precision, and does not produce burns and surface annealing during processing, has a long service life, is easy to repair, and greatly improves the crankshaft and The machining efficiency of the camshaft. 


Application grinders:

Landis, Junker, Toyota Koki, Naxos, SCHOTT, Haijie, Hengbo, etc.


  • Grinding wheel for inner hole machining

Suitable for grinding inner ring, inner and outer fairway of bearing, and inner hole of steering pump, compressor stator, cylinder and other components in auto parts industry, as well as grinding the inner bore of gear. Supporting the high precision import and domestic CNC internal grinder.



① High machining precision, good finish, low correction frequency.

② According to the different processing objects, it can be divided into a variety of ceramic bond grinding wheels.


Matched grinding machine



  • Grinding wheels for bearing processing

It is suitable for bearing end surface processing in the bearing industry; end surface processing of piston rings, gaskets, gears and other parts in the auto parts industry; double end surface processing of vane pump stators, rotors and other components. 


Main features:

① Resin bond grinding wheel: good sharpness, high processing efficiency, and good surface finish of the workpiece. 

② Vitrified bond grinding wheel: low dressing frequency, long life of the grinding wheel. 


Application grinders:

CNC double-end face grinders such as Swiss Stali, South Korea AM, German Peter Walters, Xinxiang Risheng, etc.


  • Ceramic Bond Grinding Wheel for PCD/PCBN Tools

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels are suitable for PCD/PCBN external and surface grinding, as well as edge and chamfering. 


Main features:

① High grinding efficiency 

② Good sharpness and self-sharpening 

③ Long service life 


Application grinders:

Ivage, Yuanshan FC-200, Coben RG9 and Jingtian Beijing Zhongtuo.


  • Peripheral grinding wheel for replaceable cutter head

Used for precision grinding of the periphery of indexable insert of hard alloy, cermet, etc. Also can be used for PCBN tool peripheral processing.



Using heat resistant resin and special binder, which can have good cutting, sharpness, high grinding efficiency and good wear resistance. The feed speed and dressing frequency can be optimized.


Matched grinding machine

AGATHON, WAIDA, WENDT, EWAG, TDG-MT, Dongguan Chenggong Automation, etc.


  • Powerful grooving of diamond and CBN wheel

Through cooperation with our SCD Japan company, the innovative metal bonded grinding wheel perfectly combines the sharpness and particle retention, which can greatly improve the material removal rate and make the powerful grooving grinding faster and more efficient.



① Metal bond which makes the excellent cutting force and shape retention.

② Suitable for large cutting depth, fast feeding and high processing efficiency.

③ Reduce the frequency of grinding wheel replacement to further improve production efficiency for customers.


Matched grinding machine




  • Surface Wheel for Solar Cell Silicon Ingots.

       Both for resin bonded and metal bonded surface grinding wheel. Supplying for the silicon high-efficiency machining. We can provide diverse spec and solutions based on silicon rough machining and fine machining.

  • Grinding Wheels (For soft magnetic ferrite)
  • Diamond Wheels (for Magnetic Materials)
  • Precision Cutting Wheels
  • Grinding wheel (For LCD & scanner glass)
  • Diamond Wheels (for LCD&ITO glass bevel)
  • Edge grinding wheel (for LCD & scanner glass)
  • Resin bond wheel for LCD & glass bevel

  • Diamond drill

  • Vitrified Bond CBN Wheels(for grinding camshafts)

  • cutting disc for quartz ceramic roller

  • Diamond mandrels (electroplated)
  • High-precision combined cutting disc


  • High-Efficiency Cutting Fluid

 This product is a formula that originated from Germany, has a history of over ten years, and is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It is widely used in the cutting and grinding process of hard and brittle materials and can play a good role in cooling, lubricating, and chip removal for machine tools.

      Product characteristics: A water-soluble chemically synthesized lubricating coolant synthesized by a variety of surfactants, lubricants, rust inhibitors, and other additives through high-tech chemical engineering.

      Product features: It has the obvious characteristics of convenient use, strong permeability, good cutting force, and good lubricity. Especially, it has good self-sharpening with diamond grinding, which can maintain the sharpness of the grinding tool and make the production efficiency higher. Damage to the skin, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and non-corrosive to machine tools. It is an ideal new generation of sapphire, silicon materials, magnetic materials, optical glass, ceramics, agate, and other hard and brittle materials for cutting, rough grinding, and fine grinding. Efficient and environmentally friendly lubricating coolant.

      Suitable for: cutting sapphire, silicon wafer, polysilicon with diamond wire saw; rough grinding and fine grinding of magnetic materials, lenses, prisms, and plane mirrors.

      How to use: Dilute with water at a ratio of 1:20 and mix well.

      Due to different processing conditions, if there is loss or loss during use, the coolant water solution should be supplemented in proportion to ensure its processing effect.

      Product appearance: brown-yellow transparent liquid or colorless transparent liquid PH value: 8.0-9.2 defoaming: ≤2ml specific gravity (water=1): 1.02-1.15 surface tension: ≤30dyn/cm

      Shelf life: two years

      Packing: 25KG (plastic drum, iron drum), 200KG (iron drum)


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