Shenzhen Qingyi Photomask Limited (SSE Star Market listed company, Code: 688138)was founded in August 1997 .  It is one of the earliest and largest professional manufacturers of high precision mask that integrates research, design, production and sales with the most leading technology in China.  In December 2008, the company was recognized in the first batch of Shenzhen "National High-tech Enterprises”.  The company currently services as a support unit for both Shenzhen and Guangdong Photomask Technology R&D Centers.

The product, “Photomask”, is a tailor-made and indispensable mask which carries customers’ proprietary design patterns.  Like a “photographic film”, it serves as the master copy for the purpose of pattern transfer in customers’ manufacturing process.  It is produced through the applications of high precision laser writers, chemical processing equipment and automatic optical inspection systems mainly imported from Sweden, Germany, Japan and Korea.


The product is widely in the industries adopting photolithographic technique including but not limited to flat panel display, semiconductor, touch panel and printed circuit board. Products from these industries are commonly used in downstream consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, wearables, household appliances, automotive electronics, computers, network communications, the Internet of Things, LED lighting, medical electronics and so on.

As compared with international competitors, the company enjoys the competitive advantages from increasing consensus of localization for the formulation of a complete and healthy industry chain;having support from national policies;providing domestic customers with more individual, thoughtful and timely services; and possessing the ability to develop and build equipment for both internal and external uses, which effectively reduces its own and customer costs.  As compared with domestic competitors, the company’s technology is in a leading position with strong brand influence and the company has accumulated a large group of well-known customers.

The company always focuses on innovation, research and development pursing excellences in quality and services for business partners.  It is committed to be the most competitive high-precision mask making enterprise.  With this commitment in innovation and technology, it hopes to drive China’s high-end mask making industry to a new height.