Our steel manufacture and casting technologies draw upon over a century of tradition.It is into this tradition that we weave innovative concepts.
We add innovative concepts to existing foundational technologies stemming from the tradition - namely, steel manufacture technologies such as YASUGI SPECIALTY STEEL, and the casting technologies, which have yielded our proprietary Gourd brand TM pipe fitting products- to develop cutting-edge metal materials. Our products are extensively used in different industrial sectors. Beyond core industrial sectors including automobile and industrial infrastructure, they have penetrated into the fast-growing industries such as those of aircraft and energy sectors.
With world-class capabilities for the development of materials and products, as well as production scale and sales system that leverage our global network, we are able to promptly and accurately provide products to match needs arising in the markets of different countries worldwide.

1. Specialty Steel
A history of innovation in advanced metallurgical technology and materials development

True to our tradition, we strive to consistently refine our material development capabilities. With the same intensity required to create tama-hagane—a high-value-added material produced by the Tatara foundry method—we enhance the full luster of the materials we produce. While enhancing steel purity through stringent raw material selection methods, we continue to support the development of a wide range of industries by providing highly functional materials.
2. Rolls
Advanced roll technological capabilities

We boast a wealth of leading brands including HINEX™ rolls for steel mills. We are also engaged in the manufacture of injection-molding machine cylinders and steel-frame structures for construction, as well as the processing of related component.
3. Automotive Casting
Global development of eco-friendly products

Drawing on its roots that date back to Tobata Foundry Co., Hitachi Metals has applied malleable cast iron manufacturing technologies to produce casting components for automobiles. In recent years, we have developed HERCUNITE® heat-resistant exhaust casting components and been striving to meet the growing need for products helpful in reducing environmental load.
4. Piping Components
Development of (Gourd brand) gas and water piping components

When the Tobata Foundry Co., the forerunner of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., shipped its first product in 1910, it bore a (Gourd) symbol. This symbol bore the hopes and aspirations that products would be “tougher, smoother, and aesthetically pleasing.” Since this time, the Gourd brand has been widely used in industrial and household fields, as well as overseas markets. Today, the (Gourd brand) is well respected throughout the world.
Major Products

SLD-MAGIC™ Cold Work Tool Steel
This die steel is suited to high-tensile plates widely used in making lighter cars with safer designs. Its characteristics are high machinability and fewer dimensional deformities following heat treatment. It contributes to overall die cost reductions because its superior quality means that dies last longer.

Piston Ring Materials
With the call for more compact yet more powerful engines, steel piston rings have come to be widely employed. Controlling metal texture has made it possible for Hitachi Metals to provide piston ring materials with increased abrasion resistance and improved sliding friction in the form of precision shaped wires that have undergone plastic working and heat treatment.

Sputtering Target Materials for LCDs
The Sputtering Target materials are used for thin film interconnects of LCDs. Our HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) method enables to obtain fine and homogeneous structure, which corresponds to the requirement of increasing in size. Furthermore, our alloy design technology enables to provide various alloy materials as usage, which responds to the requirement like low-value resistance, high heat resistance, and high moisture-resistance.

HINEX™ Rolls for Steel Mills
Our rolls for steel rolling mills have higher strength and wear-resistance and enable more efficient production of high-precision rolled products. A variety of products are available to manufacture steel plates, pipes, bars and wires as well as other shaped steels in response to many different demands from steal product manufacturers. Most notably, our HINEX™ products, which was the first commercially available high-speed steel-based composite rolls in the world, and other high-speed steel composite rolls, have significantly better rolling performance than traditional rolls and help improve rolling productivity and quality.

High-toughness Ductile Cast Iron Products HNM™ and NMS™
Our ductile cast iron products have high toughness at low-temperature and high dimensional accuracy. Our products, which cover a variety of materials and sizes, to meet the various applications from small passenger cars to large commercial vehicles as global supplier. We supply products with near net shape manufacturing and contribute to the weight reduction of automobiles.

Polyethylene Gas Piping Systems
Our complete line of products for gas piping systems includes electrofusion (EF) fittings, polyethylene pipes and valves, various transition joints, and EF controllers. Piping systems that use polyethylene pipes are very flexible and typically do not suffer much damage compared to conventional systems that use steel or cast iron pipes when ground displacement occurs due to ground subsidence, earthquakes, frozen ground, etc. Our systems include a wide spectrum of joints and pipes in diameters from 25A to 300A. Characterized by superior corrosion resistance and the exceptional ease with which they can be installed, they contribute to cutting overall installation costs.

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