CorEnergy Semiconductor is a Zhangjiagang, SuZhou-based semiconductor company founded in 2010 by Dr. Gavin Zhu and a diverse team of experts with years of experience in materials, device designs and in-depth manufacturing know-how of both Silicon and GaN devices. We specialize in III-V materials (GaN, AlN, InAlN, AlGaN, etc.), epitaxial wafers (up to 6um in thickness on 8-inch Silicon wafer), high-voltage power switching (650V HEMTs and SBDs) and RF amplifier devices (sub-6GHz and mmWave) in our full-fledged 6- and 8-inch fabrication facility with a combined monthly throughput of >5000 GaN HEMT and Si MOSFET wafers. Our dedicated device and IC design teams stand ready to provide invaluable services to help our customers achieve world-class device performances and design wins.

GaN on Si EPI
Reach 8 inch

Compatible with Si devices technology

Low cost after mass production

GaN on SiC EPI
Reach 6、4 inch

Strong heat dissipation

Chip foundry platform
GaN power devices

Si power devices

GaN Schottky diode
Short reverse recovery time

High breakdown voltage

GaN power FEMT
High breakdown voltage

High transition efficiency

Module system
High integration

Low cost

High transition efficiency

GaN Epitaxy Wafers

GaN SBD on GaN        

RF HEMT on SiC        

Power HEMT on sapphire        

HEMT on Si spec        

GaN Device

01 Lithography (minimum line width 0.35um)

02 Metal sputtering(Ti、Al、TiN、Cu),Metal evaporation(Ti、Al、Ni、Pt、Mo、Ta、Ag、Co、Cr ,etc.)

03 Etch GaN, Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Al, TiN, Ni, Cr, Pt, etc.

04 Thin film PECVD deposition of SiO2, Si3N4, ALD deposition of Al2O3, AlN, LPCVD growth of polysilicon, Si3N4 and thermal oxygen deposition, oxidation diffusion, etc.

05 Ion implantation of N, B, P, BF2, As, Ar

06 TSV process

07 Grinding disc scribing and testing, etc.