EBNER EUROPEAN MONO CRYSTAL OPERATION, also known as EEMCO, is a startup founded at the end of 2020 that is majority-owned by EBNER Beteiligungsgesellschaft
mbH. The company takes advantage of its 12 years of R&D experience in the design
and manufacture of crystal growth equipment to develop dedicated furnaces for the 4H SiC single crystal growth process, taking the next step in the manufacture of 8” 4H SiC single crystals. At the company’s works in Leonding, Austria, EEMCO´s team of international experts is working on the growth of SiC single crystals for the semiconductor industry. These crystals are used in high power applications, particularly those encountered in the automotive, industrial and renewable energy sectors. EEMCO operates 15 research furnaces in which SiC single crystals are grown using
a PVT (Physical Vapor Transport) process, where a single crystal is grown in a SiC vapor phase. Our goals are to manufacture strategic, high-tech products as
the first independent company in Europe to produce these types of SiC crystals, and to offer a high-quality alternative to a dependency on suppliers in the USA or China. As a sustainable and energy-saving product, SiC also makes a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 in a wide range of markets and consumer end products.



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