KRYSTAL’s Fe-MEMS PZT is epitaxially formed on Si and SOI substrates, and measured by reciprocal space-mapping, dot-like patterns are created which is unlike typical uniaxially-oriented PZT.

The greatest feature of Fe-MEMS PZT is that it is polled immediately after film deposition and does not require a subsequent poling process. In addition, the film formation after heat treatment at 650℃, the poling state remains. It is particularly an advantage for low-voltage sensor applications.

This is PE-CVD apparatus with parallel plate electrode and dual frequency power supply. This apparatus has a sophisticated electrode design and can use dual frequency power, which improves the film thickness uniformity and reproducibility.

Special design of electrode and heater and special surface treatment are applied to reduce the metallic contamination and particles. The apparatus is designed for usage in a clean room. We've managed to balance the high-throughput and maintenance cycles. The CVD process by the separate dual-frequency method makes it possible to deposit the insulator film on the microstructure. We provide coating apparatus that achieves lower stress, higher hardness, and higher insulation than conventional single-frequency PE-CVD method.

RTA (Rapid Thermal Anneal) machine

It is a heat treatment apparatus, to enable the rapid thermal oxidation, crystallization annealing treatment of the substrate surface. Surface oxidation promotion of various substrates, to modify the crystal structure prevents the internal diffusion of an impurity element. Our RTA equipment is the special design by which pressurization is possible up to 10 atmospheres. Heat generated by the oxidation process, crystal modification, suppression of the volatile components due to the pressurized environment, to obtain a patent that allows a high concentration oxidation process (chemical reactive process). In addition, at our favorite gas pulse control technology, application of the Karman vortex, always as a clean process gas can be uniformly supplied to the surface of the substrate, the gas flow of the annealing chamber has been subjected to a lot of ingenuity. I'll propose this equipment line-up by 2 kinds of a stand-alone machine RTA system as equipment for subsequent treatment and a RTA system as a compound machine by combination to existence equipment.
Trial by the RTA treatment is accepted at any time. Customers under consideration the surface modification and crystallization, please feel free to contact us to our company.

Desktop etcher

This device is a device for plasma etching treatment in all automatic φ300 substrate at a maximum. Such as Ar plasma, O2 plasma, CF4 + O2 plasma, various ions cleaned, the design of versatile to allow an ashing etching process, using a compact desktop.
The Langmuir probe measurement and evaluation and the thermal oxide film etching characterization, to accumulate knowledge of RF power characteristics and the gas mixture ratio characteristic. And these etching data, on the basis of the Company's distribution evaluation data of up to φ300, we will propose the best etching process conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us about excellent desktop in a compact versatile and simple surface treatment of various types of semiconductor substrates


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