Founded in 1991, YoungTek Electronics Corp. started as a semiconductor sawing and pick & place OEM business, and has been committed to the back-end OEM services of semiconductor and optoelectronic products for many years, and has invested in the research and development, manufacturing and sales in related production equipment for 30 years up to date. And further invested in the back-end OEM services of RFID electronic tag in recent years.

The semiconductor OEM service strategy of YTEC is oriented to provide customers with integrated Turn-key Solution services, establishing a complementary and balanced diversified product line to meet PC peripherals, Logic, Mix-Signal, Non-volatile memory, MCU, USB, Analog power management IC, CIS image sensor IC, MEMS, RF communication product IC, LCD driver IC, lot/3C IC, automotive IC and other testing requirements, in addition to self-manufactured ATE equipment and continuous upgrades to High Power and High Speed in coordination with customer technology evolution, stable service quality and strong engineering support capabilities have allowed YTEC to become the most trusted business partner for our customers.

We continue to invest in research and development work to make the testing technology highly independent. A large number of self-manufactured machines can meet the needs of customers in terms of production capacity, and strengthen the cost competitiveness of ourselves and our customers. At the same time, we have entered the optoelectronic industry and achieved significant results in CIS/LED product testing and pick & place technology development; furthermore, RFID Dry Inlay Bonder has been developed to provide RFID coating, bonding, baking, testing and converting services. YTEC has also recruited a professional technical team, combined with new technologies including image analysis and automated equipment design, to successfully develop various types of optical vision inspection equipment. In recent years, it has added artificial intelligence functions to meet customer needs. The equipment developed by YTEC whether it is for our own use or for sales is highly affirmed by customers.

Business Scope
Comprehensive semiconductor back-end OEM services
Wafer testing, wafer grinding, wafer sawing, IC pick & place, IC final testing, test program coding, engineering support and drop shipping services

LED midstream and downstream industry OEM services
LED die and VCSEL automatic optical inspection (AOI), pick & place and visual inspection

RFID electronic tag OEM service
Coating, bonding, baking, testing and converting services

Semiconductor automation equipment research and development、
manufacturing and sales
IC Tester, IC Sorter, IC Handler, IC Bonder, WLCSP Sorter, and Visual Inspection Equipments.

LED automation equipment R&D、
manufacturing and sales
LED bonder

RFID automation equipment research and development,
manufacturing and sales
RFID Dry Inlay Bonder


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