Saultech dedicated to study Pick & Place and Die Attach technology continually,The related technology of Chip Sorter and Die Bonder apply to LED、LD、IC and Lens backend assembly process,Under the existing structure for Pick & Place and Die Attach technology, continue to extend cooperation with customers, distributors and the other vendors in the same industry, to develop a variety of innovative and high CP value equipment,Saultech aims to become the solutions provider of world-class products and technologies.


Saultech does commit to the precision equipments development、manufacturing、sale and providing satisfied service to our customers.
Pursuing the excellent quality, All the employees pay attentions to every detail in daily work, improving internal processes continuously in order to achieve the goal of zero defect everything.
When the quality issues have not been disappeared completely in our company,All the employees are willing to share everything together to take remedial measures or services in order not to let our customers feel any quality issues or flaws.

Provide more effective equipment to our customers.
Create more comfortable working environment to our employees.
Build up the image of Saultech brand name on Quality、Innovation、Service.
Establish the Integrity、Win-Win、Profitability、Feedback between Customers、Employees、Corporation and Shareholders.

Products is Works,make the world more colorful.
Work is life, striving for success and happiness.
Work is stage, enjoy self-expression.
Own the features in fully automatic, high-precision, high- performance, high-end and high-speed.
User-Friendly design、Emphasize environment protection equipment.

ideal + passion + persistence.
successful experience + theory and practice.
foster rookie、 recruit elite.


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