Shanghai Bitong Semiconductor Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2008 and is headquartered in Jiechang Park, Kaiqing Road, East District, Zhangjiang Science City, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The subsidiary Suzhou Bitong is located in Taicang Sino-German Industrial Park. After 12 years of development, Bitong Semiconductor has become a supplier of 8-12-inch domestic semiconductor PECVD, PVD and ALD thin film deposition equipment suppliers integrating R&D, production and sales.
       Bitong Semiconductor R&D Center is composed of a number of returnee doctoral experts and senior R&D personnel with rich R&D experience in the field of semiconductor equipment development. The company has 206 employees, including 1,000 national-level doctors, 100 experts from Pudong, 121 engineers with master's and bachelor's degrees. The company has successively won various honorary titles such as Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industry Project Undertaking Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise, Science and Technology Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise, Shanghai Pudong New Area R&D Institution Enterprise, etc., and has obtained a total of 129 soft works and patents, including invention patents. 40 items of certification and authorization.
       Bitong Semiconductor has now become a leading domestic R&D and manufacturing enterprise specializing in the development of integrated circuit thin film deposition process equipment - physical vapor deposition equipment and chemical vapor deposition equipment.

product list
Bitong 200mm PVD - VENUS 2200 series:
On the basis of traditional PVD physical vapor deposition, Shanghai Bitong has broken through key technologies such as sputtering cathode design technology, plasma uniformity control technology, chamber design technology, and complete machine automation control. Developed 200mm RiD reactive ion and general-purpose PVD physical vapor deposition equipment with a number of independent intellectual property rights, greatly optimizing the film deposition rate

Betone 300mm chemical vapor deposition process equipment, through the cooperation of self-designed control software and multiple process chambers, optimizes process configuration, improves production efficiency, and fills the gap of domestic equipment.
Product introduction: Jupiter3120 achieves the advantages of 14nm high-end technology and high production capacity among the same type of equipment in the industry: l Multiple industrial computers control six wafers and three pairs of twin reaction chambers respectively; l The latest version control



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