MCT is focused on helping companies reduce the soaring cost of IC testing. Reducing the cost of test is “mission critical” to IDM’s and OSAT subcontractors in their efforts to improve margins and remain competitive in their test operations. MCT has the industry’s most complete selection of automated tools for this fast-growing market segment. MCT produces the SH series of strip test handlers, the FH film frame strip test handler and the MH series of laser mark handlers.

The SH-5300 Tri-Temp strip test handler is the newest version (5th generation) of the production proven SH-5000 Tri-Temp strip test handler (4th generation) that has been an industry solution since 2008.

The SH-5300 can handle the new high-density lead frames that are 100mm x 300mm in size.
The SH-5000 is the handler solution for lead frames that are up to 100mm x 275mm in size.
The SH-5300 and SH-5000 are highly flexible and are capable of handling virtually any leaded IC package in strip format, including SOIC, TSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, WFP, TQFP, SOT and pocket-molded QFN packages. They are also capable of handling Chip Scale Packages (CSP’s), Chip Array, Ball Grid Array, μBGA and other over-molded devices on laminated panels or strips if the devices are electrically isolated.


The MH-3300 is MCT’s 4th generation strip laser mark handler.  In addition to being very high speed, it handles the new larger 100mm x 300mm strips with either stacked or slotted I/O’s. The MH-3300 is ideal for either assembly or strip test operations with exceptionally fast and inexpensive changeover kits plus a wide range of post mark inspection options.

The MH-3000 is MCT’s 3rd generation strip laser mark handler.  It is a high-speed marker that handles 100mm x 275mm strips. The MH-3000 has the smallest footprint of any strip laser marker and is a low-cost compliment to any strip test operation.

Our MH Series Laser Mark Handlers support intelligent lasers from Rofin, Trumpf, Keyence, EO Technics, Alltec and other manufacturers.  

The FH-1200 is MCT’s 3rd generation film frame handler bringing un-paralleled flexibility and features to this market segment. It can accommodate 200mm or 300mm wafer rings onto which multiple strips can be mounted. The high parallelism, post-saw testing is made possible by the use of sophisticated alignment and contacting algorithms developed by MCT.

The FH-1200 Film Frame Handler represents the very latest in advanced technology for this class of machines. For QFN and DFN devices, MCT’s exclusive use of an option Reject Mark Laser (RML) enables the FH-1200 to dramatically lower End-of-Line taping costs and to improve the quality of devices loaded to tape-and-reel by eliminating any chance of test escapes.




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