Espec offers testing device suitable for the test, and conduct commissioned environmental testing and analyze/evahiate the test results. In addition to the provision of product maintenance, we provide product rentals, used products and the like, all in an effort to provide comprehensive solutions for environmental testing from the customer's perspective via a wide variety of services.

Semiconductor-related Equipment
Reliability Evaluation Supporting Electronic Devices
Reliability Evaluation Supporting the basis of IoT, 5G and the mobility field
Measurement & Evaluation Systems
Insulation Resistance / Leakage Current Evaluation

Electro-chemical Migration Evaluation System

High Voltage Bias Insulation Resistance Evaluation System

PID(Potential Induced Degradation)Evaluation System

Capacitor Leakage Test System

HTRB(High Temperature Reverse Bias)Test System(H3TRB・HTGB)

TDDB (Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown) Evaluation System
Conductor Resistance Evaluation

Conductor Resistance Evaluation System (AMR)
DC Current Applying Test

Electromigration Evaluation System AEM Series

PV Thermal-Bias Combo Test System
Electric Characteristics Evaluation System

Semiconductor Parametric Test System

Capacitor/Inductor Temperature Characteristic Evaluation System

PV I-V Evaluation System (PV Thermal-Light Combo Test System)

Power Cycle Test System
Semiconductor-related Equipment

Monitored Burn-In System

Static Burn-In System

Burn-In Chamber

Flash Memory Endurance Cycling System

THB (Temperature Humidity Bias) Evaluation System

Automotive Sensor Burn-In System

Holder Jig Part1

Environmental Test Chambers
Temperature (& Humidity) Chambers /
Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chambers

Platinous J Series Temperature
(& Humidity) Chamber

Environmental Stress Chamber
AR series
ー 5,10,15K/min
ー 4K /min

Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber

Bench-Top Type Temperature
(& Humidity) Chamber

Constant Climate Cabinet

Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber

Walk-In Chamber E Series / High-power Series

Stability Test Chamber

Stability Test Chamber

Highly Accelerated Stress Test System (HAST Chamber)

Large Highly Accelerated Stress Test System
(HAST Chamber)

Temperature (Humidity) Chamber FDSeries

Altitude Temperature

Altitude Temperature
(& Humidity) Chamber

VOC Emission Test Chamber

High-Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber
Thermal Shock Chambers

Air to Air Thermal Shock Chambers
Fixed test area type /
Elevator type

Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber 300°C Specification

Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber TSA-603EL-W

Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber with Humidity

Large Capacity Thermal Shock Chamber

Highly Accelerated Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber

Large Capacity Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber
Temperature Chambers

Industrial Ovens
Temperature Chamber

Industrial Ovens
Ultra-High Temperature Chamber

Industrial Ovens
Temperature Chamber
with Explosion Vent

Industrial Ovens Temperature Chamber with Rotating Specimen Rack

Industrial Ovens Anaerobic Temerature Chamber

Industrial Ovens High Performance Clean Oven

Industrial Ovens Large Volume Temperature Chamber

Desk-top Type High-Temp. Chambers

Convection Oven

Vacuum Oven

All-exhausted Temperature Chamber

Anaerobic Oven
(Less than 100ppm)

Large Clean Oven

Slide Tray Oven




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