Since 1988, Radiant Technologies, Inc. has established the worldwide standards for electrical evaluation of ferroelectric materials of all types. Radiant continues to sell the most sophisticated test equipment for these materials and their applications. Ferroelectric are one of the foundations of modern society. They are found everywhere in everyday life: electronic equipment, cell phones, medical diagnostic instruments, cameras, and military sensors. Radiant makes its own ferroelectric materials and transfers these various functions into integrated circuit scale devices, greatly reducing their cost while greatly increasing their quality and functionality. The key to this strategy is an integrated ferroelectric device manufacturing process developed over the last decade that can support product development and sales. Today, Radiant offers this capability as the only integrated ferroelectric device foundry in the United States.

Radiant's advanced ferroelectric technology rests upon three legs:

1) Radiant's unique integrated ferroelectrics manufacturing process,
2) Radiant's position as the premier test equipment company in the world for ferroelectric materials, and
3) Radiant's proprietary model for the physics of ferroelectric devices.

Radiant's test equipment and procedures were created and refined on its ferroelectric process line, making them realistic and practical. In turn, Radiant's thin ferroelectric film process is one of the most advanced in the world from the proper use of Radiant's test equipment in refining film properties and reliability. Both the testers and the process are designed around a powerful physical model of the ferroelectric capacitor, a model that has been tested and proven continually with the testers in the fabrication process.

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