Wafer Back Grinding Machine Series
In-line grinder for less than 25um thickness GDM300

200mm back grinder GNX200B

300mm back grinder GNX300B

300mm Ultra thin wafer polisher GNX12PB

Ultra accurate back grinder SVG202MKⅡ

Grinder for brittle material SVG401MKⅡ

Polishing Machine Series
450mm wafer final polisher PNX1200/PNX1200S

Polishing machine SPP series

CMP~Chemical mechanical polishing~ SPP600S

Oscar type polishing machine SPP3800

Final polisher PNX332B

Rectangle table  polisher SPH3000

Lapping Machine Series
Table type lapping machine SPL15T

High accuracy lapping machine SPL15F

Large size lapping machine SPL120

Slicing Machine Series
Multi Slicer ASM420M

300mm Internal blade slicer ASM200BR

Ingot Grinding Machine Series

PV ingot complex grinding machine SiSG156HT



OKAMOTO MACHINE TOOL WORKS produces the following types of machines

Conventional type Precision Surface Grinding Machine
CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine
Double Column Type Surface Grinding Machine
Rotary Surface Grinding Machine

Precision Form Grinding Machine
Ultra Precision Form Grinding Machine

Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Internal Grinding Machine
Universal Grinding Machine
Center Hole Grinding Machine

Gear grinding Machine
Specialized Grinding Machine

Consumer & Special designed device

Wafer Backside Grinding Machine
Polishing Machine
Lapping Machine
Slicing Machine
Ingot Processing Machine

and also a huge variety of materials: surface, heavy duty infeed, grinding wheel forming, hard materials, free form surface, fine forming, mirror surface, cylindrical, internal.


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