Founded by a group of senior technicians working in internationally renowned semiconductor equipment companies, Advanced Micro Optics Instruments, Inc.specializes in the integration of LED, laser source technology and digital optical processing (DLP) technology into PCB & FPC, FPD, High-tech companies in the fields of LED, solar, wafer, IC packaging and high-precision screen printing, focus on R&D and production of various digital-digital (Digital-Step-Scan, DiSS) devices and related components and devices.

Based on the original laser direct imaging technology (DI), the company's core R&D team has developed a new generation of digital exposure technology (DiSS) that can match the cost performance of the film exposure machine, laying the foundation for comprehensive intelligent and clean and environmentally friendly production of the entire PCB industry exposure process! At the same time, it provides customers with a digital exposure machine solution that replaces the traditional exposure machine (film exposure machine) and is more precise, economical, efficient and intelligent.


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