Luoyang Qiming Superhard Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, which is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of cubic press. Qiming located in Luoxin Industrial Area, covers an area of 100,000 ㎡, annual output 500 sets of large size intelligent cubic press. With nearly 20 years’ development, Qiming owns a number of cubic press design and manufacturing patents, which is able to provide professional cubic press to meet customers’ multiple process requirements on all kinds of superhard materials.

With years’ service experience in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asian and other marketing, Qiming can provide professional on-site & daily operation service; solve customer problems in daily production.


Various types of cubic press
Specialized support pretreatment and post treatment equipment
Supporting pyrophyllite and synthetic cube
Professional design of production plant and installation of cubic press
Guidance of production technology
Equipment maintenance and repair
Professional training of technical operators


Qiming own professional R & D team; own all models of vat silence cubic press design technology and intellectual property right from 650—1000mm, has declared the success of 15 patents only in 2016, 2017 two years, and a number of patent are in applications; cubic press has passed CE certification and QC system certification ISO9001-2008... More



In the HPHT method, there are three main press designs used to supply the pressure and temperature necessary to produce synthetic diamond: the belt press, the cubic press and the split-sphere (BARS) press. Diamond seeds are placed at the bottom of the press. The internal part of press is heated above 1400 °C and melts the solvent metal. The molten metal dissolves the high purity carbon source, which is then transported to the small diamond seeds and precipitates, forming a large synthetic diamond...More


Chemical vapor deposition is a method by which diamond can be grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. Since the early 1980s, this method has been the subject of intensive worldwide research. Whereas the mass-production of high-quality diamond crystals make the HPHT process the more suitable choice for industrial applications, the flexibility and simplicity of CVD setups explain the popularity of CVD growth in laboratory research...More