Jiangsu Xinmeng Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for high-end wet process equipment and processes in substrate manufacturing, integrated circuits, advanced packaging, and other related fields. The company's product portfolio includes fully automatic wafer level ENEPIG Chemical plating equipment, fully automatic single-chip cleaning equipment, fully automatic FOUP Cleaning equipment, and high aspect ratio TSV Micro blind hole filling equipment.

Since its establishment, Xinmeng Semiconductor has experienced rapid growth and currently boasts a team of over 260 employees, with more than 80 of them dedicated to technical research and development. The company's revenue in 2022 is projected to exceed 100 million yuan. Xinmeng Semiconductor prioritizes innovation and has successfully developed industry-leading technologies, such as the first fully automatic ENEPIG electroless plating equipment in China. This equipment has earned recognition as the first major equipment in Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou, and holds the highest market share domestically. Additionally, the company's independently developed fully automatic FOUP cleaning equipment has broken foreign monopolies and is being utilized by leading domestic first-tier semiconductor companies.

The founding team of Xinmeng Semiconductor comprises experienced professionals with over a decade of expertise in the semiconductor equipment industry. Guided by Professor Wang Fuliang, the company's co-founder, chief scientist, and director of the Department of Microsystem Science and Engineering at Central South University, they have established a robust and multidisciplinary technology research and development team.

Xinmeng Semiconductor places significant emphasis on intellectual property protection and has secured 41 patent authorizations related to its core products, including 11 invention patents, 21 utility model patents, 9 design patents, and 1 software patent. Additionally, the company obtained intellectual property standard certification in 2021.

The company has received numerous accolades and titles, including National High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Mass Entrepreneurship Talent Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Potential Unicorn Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Three-Star Cloud Enterprise, Suzhou City Gazelle Enterprise, as well as Suzhou Entrepreneurship Enterprise. Furthermore, Xinmeng Semiconductor is recognized as a Leading Talent Enterprise, Suzhou Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center, and has earned various other prestigious qualifications.



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