Incorporated in 1990, Wholetech System Hitech Limited has become a leading total solutions provider for high tech companies. With a staff that has the technical skill and practical experience, Wholetech specializes in the following areas of service:

W1 - Gas Engineering Division

W2 - Clean Room Construction & MEP Division

W3 - High Vacuum Division

W4 - Specialty Gas Supply System & Monitor System integration Division

W5 - Advanced Products Division

W6 - System Software Development Division

W7 - Wet Process & Chemical System Division

Wholetech is accredited through the internationally-recognized quality assurance standards of ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and SEMI S2. Our in-house ISO procedures cover key manufacturing processes such as procurement control, project schedule control, on-site coordination, budget control, and materials in/out inspection.
At Wholetech, we deliver on our promise of turnkey solutions with code compliances and quality guarantee. Moreover, we continuously strive for our clients’ satisfaction and provide uncompromising integrity.