ProSys invents, designs, and produces megasonic systems for advanced wet process technology markets. Our customers include both equipment OEMs and end users.

ProSys customers achieve superior results at lower cost-of-ownership. Applying our extensive patent & technology portfolio, our megasonic products provide greater uniformity and more control for processing products at the nanometer scale. ProSys customers also uncover process optimization insights through our exclusive performance measurement capabilities.

Founded in 1996 and led by semiconductor industry executives, our headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Campbell, CA. ProSys direct and independent sales and service offices are in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Malaysia.

Our patented megasonic technology is designed to be controlled and measured. 

Our systems are engineered to be reliable, durable, and repairable.


Sapphire MegPie™
Stainless Steel MegPie
Dual Zone MegPie
Custom MegPie

Direct Megasonic Batch Systems
Immersible Array Assembly
Plate Assembly
Legacy System Plug-and-Play Replacement

IMPulse™ Electronics
Bowl Meg
Custom Systems
ProSys offers an extensive range of products for megasonic processing of contamination-sensitive substrates. 

Using high-frequency acoustic energy, our advanced megasonics technology enables tighter control over substrate cleaning processes making them faster and more efficient.
We offer a wide range of solutions for both single wafer and batch cleaning including custom system designs to solve a variety of difficult contamination-sensitive cleaning issues.
Bowl Meg
The ProSys Bowl Meg is a small Megasonic systems for performing experiments with acoustic energy on very small parts or die. It is compatible
with strong acids, bases, and most solvents. It has a 30mm-diameter transducer is easy to install and use and offers inexpensive acoustic process testing.
Bowl Meg
Meg Pie
Meg Pie
The MegPie is a single-wafer Megasonic transducer for cleaning and sonochemical processing of wafers. It applies a uniform dose of acoustic energy to the rotating substrate. The MegPie will improve process efficiency and lower process time. And it is easy to retrofit to your single-substrate processing tool.
Process Tank Options
Stainless steel, quartz and Kynar® tanks are available in ProSys Megasonic cleaning systems. Small, compact and custom sizes available. Quick dump rinse (QDR) configurations, standard sizes up to 300mm.


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