Electrical and electronic materials
Low viscosity impregnating epoxy resinOne-component epoxy adhesiveOne-cmponent dipping epoxy resinTwo-component potting epoxy resin, flammability typeTwo-component potting epoxy resin,
excellent heat shock resistance typeTransparent urethane resinUV curable resin for coating and adhesionHigh endurance potting urethane resinPotting urethane resin for PCBPotting urethane resin for automobile unitsPotting urethane resin for electrical componennt (flammability)

Semiconductor and LED materials
Liquid mold underfill materialEncapsulant for wafer level packageCapillary flow underfill materialSecondery underfill materialPre-applied underfill materialEpoxy mold sheetFlexible epoxy resinHigh thermal conductivity materialDie attach materialGlob top materialLED encapsulantDie attach adhesive for LED (Clear type)