We are a techno-scientific start-up company created to support original thin film and nano technology research, development and fabrication. Our products and services are aimed at selected areas of physical and chemical vapour deposition technology.

W&L has fashioned a sizeable and experienced team of specialists and now offer an intelligent knowledge base for the development and fabrication of functional and molecular metallic, ceramic and organic material coatings for custom substrates.

The main areas of our operations comprise:

Research and development of challenging processes and complex layer products
Quality analysis and yield improvements of single to multi stack production technology
Know how support for optimizing existing fabrication facilities
Design and construction of advanced customized platforms and tools for thin film and nano- technology

Our knowledge base and extensive expert networks extend into many areas of thin film processing of established and exotic materials. We have provided a number of versatile laboratory based processing platforms for organic materials such as poly and nano crystalline diamond as well as fast production coating systems for the efficient deposition of high value metallic materials.