Megarobo develops and produces  high-end intelligent superconductor-dicing machines, which can be widely used in various semiconductor product processing scenarios such as wafers, ceramics, silicon wafers, glass, PCB, lithium niobate, alumina, and quartz. We have  semi-automatic single-spindle dicing machine MDS-DS3350 and the fully automatic dual-spindle dicing machine MDS-DS6360 series as products. All series can be equipped with NCS (non-contact surveying) function, BBD (Blade broken detection) function, and blade mark detection function. The automatic series can be equipped with UV de-glue system and cleaning system.(Wafer Thinning,Bonding,dicing saw)


Dicing Saws Product Description:

Designed according to international standards and world-class high-precision
World popular round size: 8 inch + 12 inch machine structure and working interface are designed according to world's popular machine;
Designed with high-end imported materials, such as imported C3 ball screw and Renishaw grating ruler closed-loop control system, which can reach the world level
Equipped with roller guides, whose life stability is 8 times higher than that of balls
The fuselage is made of Jinan blue marble that has been treated for hundreds of millions of years, and it will never be deformed.


Ball AOI / Bump AOI Prodcut Presentation


Particle inspection equipment MRD-3100 series for COG, FOG, and COF products, particularly for the binding defect detection of LCD display module.

Leading in the industry, reaching the technical level of its counterpart made in South Korea;
Satisfying the LCD modules in different sizes, including smart wearable devices, cell phones, tablets, laptops, in-vehicle devices, displays, TVs, and other products;                                                                                                                         
Adopting the modular design, applicable to unilateral, multillateral COG, FOG, COF process product inspection.
Covering the detection items as follows:  bump offset, particle count, bump foreign objects, FPC corrision, and Bump area crack fragments. 


Ball AOI / Bump AOI Key Points

1. Detection accuracy: 3um, leading in the industry
2. Software functions: independently developed algorithms, software function customization services;
3. Auto-focus imaging system, satisfying the detection needs of products in different sizes;


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