Wafer-Level Dispensing System
Wafer-Level Dispensing SystemSS100
SS100 is a high-stability and high-precision dispensing system integrating wafer automatic loading & unloading functions, which is developed based on the Underfill process requirements of RDL First WLP.
Integrating functions of wafer automatic loading & unloading and wafer-level dispensing, the system can automatically realize such functions as wafer handling, alignment, preheating, operation heating, dispensing, and heat dissipation. It is compatible with international semiconductor communication protocols, and equipped with AMHS automatic loading & unloading robot interfaces, meeting the information management requirements and unmanned management trends.
System CompositionOperation FlowFeatures and AdvantagesApplication Fields
fangSupporting 12-inch wafer dispensing.

fangDustproof level 10, meeting the environmental requirements of wafer level packaging.

fangHigh ESD standard, above IEC and ANSI standards.

fangIn the whole process of wafer turnover and operation, the temperature is finely controlled and automatically corrected to meet the CUF process needs while ensuring the product safety.

fangThe whole-process video monitoring facilitates product turnover, operation process observation, and problem tracing and analysis.

Underfill Dispensing Machine
Underfill Dispensing MachineGS600SU
GS600SU is a high-speed and high-precision automatic online dispensing system, which is developed based on the Underfill process requirements of FCBGA/FCCSP.
The system strictly controls the product and adhesive temperature, and intelligently sorts the product operation sequence and the glue replenishing time, reducing the generation of voids and ensuring the operation yield. Meanwhile,it is compatible with the international semiconductor communication protocols, meeting the information management requirements.
Application FieldsSpecial Process Modules
Inline Cabinet-Type Visual  Dispensing Solution
Inline Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing SolutionGS600MP
GS600MP is a fully automatic online dispensing platform developed based on the needs of the MEMS industry. It can provide one-stop solutions for on-line ASIC chip encapsulation, precision solder paste coating, and multiple foolproof detection, etc. in the MEMS process . High-quality control of the entire production process is realized.
The single-station GS-600M can also be selected.
Features and AdvantagesApplication FieldsOptional Configurations
Piezoelectric jetting valveWeighing moduleAutomatic loading & unloading systemUltra-precision dispensing controllerAuxiliary module for dispensing process
Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing  Combination Solution
Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing Combination SolutionGS600P
GS600P is a highly intelligent automatic online dispensing platform developed based on the needs of the CCM industry.
The platform uses the intelligent online distribution technology to achieve higher production efficiency, uses the online AOI technology to achieve real-time product quality control, and uses the design standards in the semiconductor industry to achieve dustproof level 100, ESD control and anti-vibration level A. Meanwhile, it has a MES interface to meet the industry's unmanned operation requirements as well as the increasingly strict requirements of dispensing process and system stability.
Features and AdvantagesSpecial Process ModulesApplication FieldsOptional Configurations
Fully Automatic Mounting System
Fully Automatic Mounting SystemAC100
AC100 is a high-precision and high-versatility automatic mounting system developed based on the demands of optical component assembly.
The system strictly controls the tilt and position accuracy of the mounted products. Before and after mounting, the glue path and product position are intelligently inspected and controlled to reduce the probability of foreign matter and moisture entering the product and ensure the mounting quality. Meanwhle, it has a MES interface to meet the information management requirements.
Application FieldsFeatures and Advantages
AOI System
AOI SystemCC600
CC600 is an independent glue appearance AOI workstation, which can be used independently or in combination with the equipment on the production line.
With professional glue appearance inspection capability and high versatility, the workstation can inspect process abnormalities such as glue overflow, glue breakage, leakage points, scattered points, bubbles and insufficient glue area during the dispensing process, without affecting the dispensing efficiency, so as to effectively control the product quality and avoid batch defects. Meanwhile, it has a MES interface to meet the information management requirements and help to achieve the intelligent production line.
Application FieldsFeatures and Advantages
Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing System
Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing SystemGS600A
GS600A is a fully automatic online dispensing system which can be used for PCB/FPC, mobile phone assembly, watch assembly and screen module assembly, etc., and has such characteristics as high precision, good shock absorption and rich process components.
Features and AdvantagesOptional Configurations
Precision Soldering System
Precision Soldering SystemVH300C
VH300C is a high-precision desktop visual soldering system integrating flux injection and soldering processes, so that the equipment investment can be greatly saved.
Application FieldsFeatures and Advantages
Dispensing Controller
Dispensing ControllerKDC
Ultra-precision fine glue control, suitable for occasions with extremely high requirements on dispensing precision
Features and AdvantagesApplication FieldsProcess DifficultiesSpecial Functions
fangFor such process applications as semiconductor chip packaging and MEMS in which solder paste/silver paste is used to achieve conductive connection, common valves have problems such as low efficiency or high maintenance costs for consumables. Especially, mainstream 5# and 6# solder pastes are spotted, and the solder balls are easily broken by shock and thus block the nozzle.

fangWhen a conventional pneumatic dispensing controller is used in the above process applications, its slow output pressure response and low pressure stability, etc. lead to relatively poor dispensing consistency.

fangThe KDC series controller with high-precision needles can perfectly solve the above problems.

Desktop Visual Dispensing Machine
Desktop Visual Dispensing MachineVS Series
The VS series is a high-precision visual dispensing machine with glue AOI, 360° rotation and inclined rotation functions, and has reached the industry-leading level in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability.
The VS expansion platform VS-300D20 is an open motion platform based on which users can re-develop their own programs or load self-made mechanisms to perform unique functions and actions, fully meeting the needs of customers to maintain the process uniqueness. It is also more suitable for applications with high customization requirements or rapid process changes. For example, the platform can be used for processes such as handling, sorting and overturning, and users can change as needed and will not worry about their own processes being disclosed.


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