Shinwa Controls has been a key player in precision products for the semiconductor industry for over five decades. We specialize in process control for fluid delivery and wafer environment control. Our product portfolio spans several industries including Semiconductor, Medical, Clean Energy and Aerospace. Shinwa's precision valves, solutions for temperature-humidity control and cryogenic chillers are critical for semiconductor fabrication processes used by our leading-edge customers in Logic and Memory applications. Fleets of our products support process equipment in every fab in the world.

New innovations in manufacturing technology call for lower temperatures. Chillers are temperature control devices with cooling and heating capabilities that work by cycling liquid coolant. Our chillers can maintain temperatures between -80℃ and 250℃, and have a cooling capacity ranging from 500W to 100KW.

Titania Series
Medium temperature line
Some Logic and CIS processes require high aspect ratio etch at a high productivity. The Titania series supports the temperature control and uniformity required for etch performance in terms of profile and defect densities needed for these applications.

Dione Series
Low temperature line
Developed specifically for advanced applications in conductor and dielectric etch, the Dione series leverages the detailed engineering expertise of our development teams. As NAND and Logic etch geometries grow increasingly challenging, the Dione series supports ultra-low temperature requirements at high heat loads that change dynamically during the etch process.

Proteus Series
Ultra-low temperature line
As the semiconductor industry moves beyond 3nm Logic and 200+ layer NAND, there is a need to manage extremely high dynamic heat loads during the etch process. The Proteus series is designed to reach sub -70℃ temperatures specifically to address this emerging challenge. This product family is ahead of its time and is currently in co-development partnership with key customers.

CH-7 Series
Test-probe line
Probe-testing of fully processed die on wafer requires specific temperatures range, uniformity and ramp-rate requirements at a high throughput. The CP series of small chillers is designed to meet the needs of the test-probe industry. Typical temp range is around 25C. With increasing chip densities and die count per wafer, there is an even greater push to improve these key features. Shinwa’s chiller family for this segment incorporates product features to address these exact needs. Our products are designed in to leading semiconductor test-probe equipment.

Process Ambient Control
Critical semiconductor processes such a lithography require precise control of the temperature and humidity as the wafer passes through the numerous stages of photoresist preparation before deep sub-micron circuits are printed on each die. Our THC equipment supply conditioned air that supports the industry’s leading lithography coater-developer tracks to maintain the integrity of the resist before exposure.

ESA Series
Preset airflow line
The ESA series supports 300/200mm coater/developer which enables stable, high-quality processing and a smooth transition from R&D to volume production. It enables low footprint and with a higher throughput. Uptime has been improved by increasing the reliability of each component and simplifying maintenance.The ESA platform also supports DUV lithography and packaging.

HE7 Series
High airflow line
The HE7 series supports all advanced lithography technologies for higher throughput, increased wafers per day, and improved overall equipment efficiency. Additionally, it meets industry requirements for supporting versatile lithography equipment capable of leading-edge processes, including double patterning.

ME Series
Adjustable airflow line
The ME series supports the latest coater/developer equipped with high-technology with extendibility to advanced processes for high throughput, reduced footprint, improved availability and low CoO (Cost of Ownership) reduction. Its high reliability and productivity is recognized by worldwide customers, and continues to evolve to meet customer needs for leading-edge technologies.

450F Series
Low power line
450F series supports 300mm coater/developer for the 10nm technology node and beyond. It incorporates advanced features to support a wide range of applications from next generation development to high volume mass production. It helps improve coater/developer performance in three key areas - defectivity, productivity, and CoO (Cost of Ownership). It supports advanced immersion lithography, including double/multiple patterning as well as EUV process.



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