Greatech is one of the world's leading automation solution providers in the areas of factory automation.

In response to growing markets and increasing competition, we offer automation solutions in various industries in order to meet customer productivity challenges, improve on return on investment and cost effectiveness.

Our design & engineering specialists are committed to develop the best possible automation solutions and use its competent capabilities to serve the sophisticated automation systems needs of multinational customers in this industry.

Besides that, we have in-house manufacturing facility complete with precision machine shop, sheet metal fabrication shop, engineering facility and system assembly space. We are positioned and committed to serve the global customers with innovative, cost effective solutions and support.

This decade has seen semiconductor companies are moving towards higher productivity. Automation is one of the aspects to be considered to increase the overall production efficiency in material handling. We integrate high precision modules such as vision, cylindrical precision and robotic arms into automation to provide high precision on handling the semiconductor units. Greatech has been working with numerous customers to provide high speed and high accuracy equipment.

Wafer Handler
EFEM (Equipment Front End Module)

Photovoltaics and thin-film module technology for solar industry is particularly benefiting from the use of robots and other automation solutions which bring the highest production efficiency. We are meeting the challenge with a broad range of products created specifically to support the different manufacturing processes and allowing customers to enhance and improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our know-how, our innovative approach and our total capability bring the higher level of quality that you can always trust and expect from Greatech. We provide coordinated intelligent software & hardware, tailored training and exceptional field service to all around the world for solar industry. Repeat orders from numerous solar customers over the past years have cemented our position as a key partner in the solar industry.

CVD Loader Unloader
Automated Rail Mounting System
Auto Framing Line
Interlayer Pairing System
Cover Glass Pairing System
Auto Labeling System
Leakage Current Inspection
Patch Apply and Remove System
Glass Loading and Handling
Anti Reflection Coating Curing Machine
Storage and Accumulator System
Conveyor System

We as an automation solution provider provide as single source to electronic market on mobile device for engineering, manufacturing and integration of automated and custom process solutions. Our innovative and effective designs offer flexibility to meet the demands of product development and manufacturing.

The challenge of manufacturing mobile devices continues to grow more complex. The trends of increasing device complexity, miniaturization and customization are driving a revolution in manufacturing process.

Greatech has developed innovative solutions to address the needs for handling miniature fasteners on screwing process, checking on cover glass, menu button and improved yields due to reduced aesthetic damage, and standard processes to enable regionalized manufacturing.

Loader / Unloader
Component Attached
Auto Screw
Vibration Test
Laser Weld

Glass Substrates has been widely used across several industries such as Solar Panel, Batteries, Electronics, Display Components (TFT LCD, OLED), Automotive and etc. The growth and sustainability of this technology strives Greatech to penetrate into this industry. To be competitive, Greatech provides solutions which minimize risk, lower costs, and advance technology.

Glass substrates undergoes several processes to produce the glass units for particular usage and purposes.

Glass loading and handling
Conveyor System
Vision Inspection, Measurement & Alignment System
Robotic work cell
Cover Glass Pairing System