With our many years of experience we manufacture high-precision surface measuring tools according to your individual measuring requirements. The optical measuring tools are based on the flexible multi-sensor technology with which up to 10 different sensors can be combined. With the extensive product series MicroProf® we offer you a very stable platform in the third generation. The powerful software is completely developed in-house and convinces by easy handling and flexible solutions. Learn more about the MicroProf® series, our services, the multi-sensor technology and the software. See for yourself.

The MicroProf® measuring tool enable a wide range of measuring tasks to be performed quickly, efficiently and intuitively. They has been impressing our customers for many years as a globally established metrology tool. You too?

With regular maintenance, practice-oriented individual training, service measurements and other support options, we support you to get the most out of our measuring tools.

The proven multi-sensor technology can be used universally: Different optical measuring methods can be flexibly combined in the versatile 3D surface metrology. Interested?

Experience our powerful control software Acquire, the automation software Acquire Automation XT and the evaluation software MarkIII and profit now due to the easy handling.

Modern optical surface metrology - fast, flexible, precise and non-contact
The MicroProf® - 3D surface measurement technology for all measurement tasks. With the third generation of multi-sensor surface measuring devices, FRT is at the forefront of the market.

The MicroProf® enables for a wide range of measurement tasks which can be carried out quickly, efficiently and intuitively. As an established standard measuring device in modern 3D surface measurement technology, the MicroProf® has impressed our customers for many years for example in the semiconductor, medical and automotive industries. They are also at home in the MEMS/NANO/MST, sapphire, photovoltaic, engineering, optics and packaging industries.

Learn more about our manual models of the MicroProf® series.

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multi-sensor technology
hybrid metrology
resolution down to sub-nm range
high reliability and reproducibility
measurement according to DIN EN ISO, SEMI and further standards
manual, automated or fully automated
upgradable - anywhere and anytime
Multi-sensor technology
Whether you want to measure the topography, the total thickness or the film thickness of your samples without contact, the versatile MicroProf® can be used universally due to the proven optical multi-sensor technology. Various optical measurement methods, which are only available as individual solutions elsewhere, have been combined into a universal, space-saving device. Depending on your requirements, the MicroProf® allows you to perform quick overview measurements of the entire sample, as well as high-resolution detail measurements down to the sub-nm range. This is made possible by the individual combinations of the sensors. Maintain flexibility for your future measurements and retrofit sensors easily and quickly, saving space, time and costs.

Now get an overview of the different tool categories with the videos of our 1) fully automatic tools with Equipment Front End Module, 2) the semi-automatic tool with Material Handling Unit and 3) the smaller, manual devices.

Learn more about the individual tools of the MicroProf® series and learn more about their differences.

Point sensors, line sensors, field of view sensors, layer thickness sensors and atomic force microscopy
Our Technologies: point, line and field of view sensors, optionally atomic force microscopy
The FRT Multi-Sensor Technology offers you the possibility to combine different measuring principles in one single tool and thus allows maximum flexibility.

For the measurement of topography, roughness, sample thickness, layer thickness and many other surface parameters, the FRT surface measuring systems can be equipped with various sensors. FRT offers a wide range of point, area and film thickness sensors and even an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), which are fully integrated into the tool and can be flexibly arranged and combined. The possibility of retrofitting sensors opens up further options for flexible adaptation to future measuring tasks, such as individual and exchangeable sample holders.

optical 3D surface metrology
measurement of roughness, topography, layer thickness etc.
multi-sensor technology
in-house sensor development
fast and accurate measurement
high repeatability and reproducibility
modular hardware configuration
FRT also offers the right solution where multi-sensor setup cannot help: hybrid metrology. Due to the multi-sensor concept we pursue, it is possible to solve a measurement task with different sensors by carrying out one measurement for each sensor and combining the different results. Not only the measurements with all necessary sensors are done automatically, but the software also records the different measurement results and calculates the desired parameters.



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