The Voronezh Scientific Research Institute of Semiconductor Engineering is one of the key representatives of the electronic engineering industry in the Russian Federation and the oldest developer and manufacturer of special technological equipment for the production of microelectronic products.

   The historically established specialization of the Institute has not changed much over the past fifty-five years, and in such areas as photolithography, chemical processing of plates and photomasks, synthesis of thin-film coatings, plasma-chemical processing, instrumentation and test equipment, the Institute has maintained and increases its scientific and technical groundwork. , has taken a leading position and continues to develop actively.

   Over the years, the institute has carried out more than a thousand research and development works, developed more than 500 samples of technological, instrumentation and testing equipment. More than 10 thousand units of modern equipment have been manufactured to equip enterprises of the radio-electronic complex .

   JSC "NIIPM" is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and is a member of the International Association of Participants in Space Activities MACD / IASP. JSC "NIIPM" has a license to carry out space activities. As part of a joint project with Roscosmos enterprises, about 18 installations were developed and manufactured - this is the first equipment in Russia for the assembly and qualification of new generation solar batteries .

   The research and production site of JSC "NIIPM" includes a number of departments and laboratories for the development of equipment and technologies and production, consisting of several workshops. The personnel potential of the institute is more than 250 employees, about half of which are engaged in scientific, design and technological work. Among them are doctors and candidates of sciences, engineering and technical workers.

   Photolithography equipment became one of the priority areas at NIIPM back in 1968, when, after the successful development of the first automatic single-track photolithography line, NIIPM was appointed as the head enterprise in the ministry for the development of photolithographic equipment. The Institute not only equipped microelectronics enterprises with progressive high-performance equipment , but also successfully developed standard technologies for photolithography processes. Until now, this direction maintains the dynamics of its development , creating equipment for the implementation of physical and chemical processes of photolithography on plates and in the production of photomasks, from manual and semi - automatic installations to automated and robotic track lines and clusters .

   Automatic photolithographic clusters are designed for resist layer formation operations before exposure and resist development and hardening operations after exposure . The use of a cluster platform in equipment for carrying out physical and chemical photolithography processes is fully consistent with modern concepts for constructing equipment of this class . It should be noted that automated photolithography lines built on a track platform, manufactured by NIIPM in recent years, successfully operate at industry enterprises, providing high product quality and productivity.

   Automated lines for chemical etching and chemical deposition of metal layers are a reflection of the current state of the direction of technochemical equipment at NIIPM . The development of automated chemical processing complexes is based on modular design , which implies the possibility of organizing a variety of technological processes by completing individual modules, new design solutions are used in combination with full automation of all chemical processing processes , auxiliary technological operations and transportation. This principle allows the development of equipment complexes for the implementation of a number of different processes.: chemical cleaning and etching, selective autocatalytic deposition of finishing metal coatings on the contact pads of the product .

   The equipment for hydromechanical and megasonic cleaning of plates, photomasks, ceramic and glass substrates, developed by OAO NIIPM, is designed for one-sided and two-sided, individual and group processing of objects, is performed in manual, semi-automatic or automatic execution.

   The list of plasma-chemical equipment produced by the Institute includes installations for plasma-chemical, ion-plasma, reactive-ion processing in manual, semi-automatic or automated execution, batch or continuous operation, designed for etching and cleaning, for surface treatment of a wide range of electronic products.

   Plasma-chemical equipment developed by JSC "NIIPM" is designed for etching, cleaning, removing photoresist from wafers in the production of electronic products, for plasma-chemical etching of SiO2, FSS, poly-Si, Si3N4 films, for surface treatment of a wide range of electronic products with the purpose of removing residues of organic substances and oxides, as well as for its activation.

   One of the promising directions of the institute is the development of modern devices for ion-plasma vacuum sputtering, which have taken a strong position in the technologies for manufacturing semiconductor devices and integrated circuits for forming contacts on the surface of microcircuits.

   For carrying out climatic and reliability tests, a number of benches with different loading volumes have been developed . The equipment for carrying out accelerated tests (pass-through chambers) is produced, which work in conjunction with measuring devices for product parameters. NIIPM develops and delivers modern systems for measurement and control of static and dynamic parameters of digital integrated circuits and discrete components .

   Having retained its specialization, the institute continues to head for innovative development. The plans of the enterprise include the development of new promising technologies and the creation of automated equipment complexes 


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