Grinding and cutting of the silicon for solar cell.
■Grinding and cutting of the sapphire.
■Grinding and cutting of Si.C
■Sylindrical Grinding of Silicon Ingot (OF, V-notch), Band-Sow Cutting and OD-Sow Cutting.
■Groove Processing for Wafer Boat.(Quartz Glass, Ceramics).
■Cutting for Lens Glass of Camera and Prism.
■Slit Groove Processing of Vane Pump Rotor.
■Groove cutting and grinding of brake pad for motorcycle.
■Circumferential Chamfering, Grinding and polishing for Photomask(Quartz Glas).
■Grinding and Cutting for Magnet of PC, Digital Camera, Cell-phone, Magnet of Motor(Ferrite, Neodym,).
■Blade Grinding (circle blade, shirring blade, for vendor).
■Sylindrical Grinding, Orientation Flat Grinding, Core Drilling, End Surface Grinding and Grinding befor Lapping for Material(sapphire, germanium).


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