Founded on 1996 with the company philosophy, 'Customer Satisfaction, Precedence of Technology and Competent Employee Development', Scientific Value Solutions Corp. ("SVS") has been gradually renowned for the reliance and increased the value of this brand name with new technology development and thoroughgoing customer support in the world's semiconductor market. We've, based on accumulated technological power and know-how, manufactured and marketed a core fabrication equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, Photo Resist Spin Coater/Developer System(Model Name: MSX1000) on December, 2002. A modular spin system, MSX100 has been delivered to manufacturers dealing with MEMS, LED and LD Process and otherwise providers of fine chemicals for semiconductor besides Samsung Electronics. With higher performances and convenience from various functions, MSX1000, which has devoted to development of new products for customers thanks to its easy engineering as well as increased productivity, has been favorably noticed by vendors. By striving to research and develop technology, we promise to be your reliable business partner for high performance and next generation semiconductor & TFT LCD equipments. Scientific Value Solutions Corp.


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