Knight Auto is a precision engineering company specializing in precision machining of tool & die, stamping tools, mould tools, spare parts for oil & gas industry, and parts and components including sockets, docking systems and conversion kits for reputable test handlers in the semiconductor industries. Our strength also include the machining of engineering plastic such as Torlon, Peek, Teflon, Ultem, etc, through our state-of-the-art machining technologies including CNC Milling, EDM & Wire Cut processes as well as High Speed Precision Stamping.

Our Clientele is globally based which includes multinational corporations across the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the United States. We serve our clients with stringent quality standards strictly governed by ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Quality Standards.

Knight Auto have just picked up the following 3 awards.

a)     Best Supplier Award from Infineon

b)     Enterprise 50 Award (9th position)

c)     Zero Defect Award from PT. Nissin Kogyo Batam.

Images of the 3 awards are attached for your viewing pleasure.

The Best Supplier Award from Infineon signifies an important endorsement on our superior quality and high standard of service and support

The Enterprise 50 Award reflects on the successful business strategy and direction that Knight Auto have adopted over the years.

The Zero Defect Award from PT. Nissin Kogyo Batam reflects on our professional approaches in handling customers’ quality expectations.

Knight Auto take pride on the 3 above-mentioned awards .

We wish to share our joy and success with all our business partners and associates.

Moving on, Knight Auto will strive for betterment and continue to work closely and cohesively with our valued customers towards achieving greater business performance and success.

Knight Auto is the leading tooling and solutions provider for the semiconductor industries.
We specialised in the design and manufacturing of high end precision tooling, parts and specialised solutions mainly for the semiconductor backend and assembly industries.
The following is the portfolio of the products and services that Knight Auto provides:
- Conversion Kits
- Docking Solutions
- Sockets and Manual Actuators
- Ball Mount Tool

Knight Auto is the market leader on the design and fabrication of semiconductor backend IC Test Handler compatible conversion kits. Our portfolio include compatible conversion kits to most major brands of pick and place or gravity feed Test Handlers in the market, with extensive experience of more than 20 years.

Knight Auto designs and manufactures Test Sockets, manual actuators and contact spring pins. With also extensive access to various contact probes manufacturers, we are capable of providing ready solutions in quick turn around time.

Knight Auto designs and fabricates Docking Solutions for Test Handlers, Probers and Test Equipment. Featuring universal footprint, precision positioning and adjustable Z-Height, Docking Solutions from Knight Auto are flexible to use and easy to install.

Knight Auto is a solutions provider for various needs in the Semiconductor Industries. Our portfolio includes:
- ESD Safe Suction Cups
- Bristle Cleaning Brush
(For cleaning and solder flux removal on test probes and gold plating on PCB)
Bristle made of stainless steel or PEEK.
- ESD Safe Surface Plating

Knight Auto designs and manufactures Ball Mount Tools for BGA packages which are compatible to major Ball Mounting Systems in the market. Our tooling capabilities covers ball diameter of 0.15mm and above, and ball pitch of 0.35mm and above.

In the pursuit of excellence in precision engineering, Knight Auto has in the early 2000 set up the precision plastic mold making division.
It has since excel to be one of the main pillars in Knight Auto specialize in:
1. High precision high cavitation mold for caps and enclosure.
2. High cavitation medical components
3. Optical lens
4. Mulit color/material mold
5. Unscrew mold
6. Stack mold.

The stamping division is a sub division of Knight Auto focusing in high speed precision stamping products.
Started in 2002, the company ventures into stamping business to support various industries such as electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication, medical and pharmaceutical and etc.
Our customers are global from countries including USA, Japan, China, Europe, Philippines and Israel.
Equipped with press machines such as Bruderer and Kyoriand a team of experienced tooling staffs, Knight Auto iscommitted to produce the finest quality stamping products and services.

Our Tool & Die activity is the backbone of our business. Our Trim & Form, Steel & Carbide Punches & Inserts, Jig & Fixtures and Spare Parts manufacturing support a wide range of industries including Semiconductor, General Electronic, Automobile, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Packaging, etc.