Aselta Nanographics spun off in 2010 from the world-leading CEA-Leti research lab in Grenoble. Today, Aselta maintains a joint laboratory with CEA-Leti and close links with the fundamental research ecosystem of the "French Silicon Valley".
In the past 10 years, Aselta grew beyond its original scope in e-beam proximity effect correction to encompass far wider quality issues, from mask data preparation to metrology. It has expanded its client base beyond Europe to the US and Japan, where it maintains sales representatives.
Because it is a small, highly-qualified and motivated team of 30 people including 15 PhDs, Aselta can provide individual answers to fit the needs of each client and involve them in the continuing improvement of its technology solutions.

Aselta currently offers two families of software solutions : Inscale and SIMPL.

Inscale - Mask Data Preparation
Inscale is a global mask data preparation solution, providing improvements in pattern fidelity and energy latitude. It relies on mask proximity correction to address short, mid and long-range effects. Because it is highly flexible, Inscale is currently applied by industrial customers to varied use cases, from process matching to dose combination.

SIMPL - SEM Image Measurement PLatform
SIMPL is a SEM tool-independent metrology toolbox relying on a model-based contour extraction. Its unique API makes it exceptionally powerful for advanced shape manipulation. Operationally, SIMPL combines offline metrology with inspection solutions, to improve accuracy in the customer’s production process.



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