Founded in 1984, TDG (Stock Code : 600330) is the first public company held by individuals in China, which has possessed several holding companies and share holding companies. TDG integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing, focusing on electronic materials, electronic components, intelligent equipment, and strategic investments.

TDG Machine Technology Co., Ltd. (TDG-MT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TDG Holding Co., Ltd.(the listed company) (SH: 600330). Its main business is the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of special equipment for powder industry, crystal materials and display materials, the business scope covers TDG-NISSIN Precision Technology Co., Ltd., TIC Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jihong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Hunan Saintly Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

The company is committed to the technical research and development and process services of intelligent special equipment, sincerely providing “forming-sintering-grinding” for the powder material industry and other complete sets of special equipments, providing “Growth-cut-spheron-slicing-chamfering-grinding-cleaning-detection“for the crystal material industry and other complete sets of special equipment, providing automation complete sets of special equipment for the display materials industry, and providing sludge drying machine for environmental engineering special equipment..

In the new era and new journey, the company will firmly grasp the opportunity of the "Made in China 2025" and the development of the equipment industry in Industry 4.0. We will spare no effort to make progress in technological innovation, product quality and customer service; strive to become a smart equipment manufacturing enterprise with talent advantage, core technology, integration capability, industry scale, industry influence and independent brand.


Special equipment for powder materials
Indexable inserts grinding center CPG360

CCG380 tools grinding center

CNC periphery grinding machine for indexable inserts CPG250

S-200L/S-250N powder press machine

S-400EX/S-500EX/S-750EX/S-850EX powder press machine

SX-10/SX-20/SX-40/SX-60 powder press machine

S-40N/S-60(L)/S-100N(L)/S-130NL powder press machine

IE-10/IE-20/IE-60 powder press machine

SX-4B/SX-10B series powder press machine


Special equipment for crystal materials

Crystal growth machine

Sapphire growth furnace

Piezoelectric crystal growth furnace

Grinding and polishing machine

Single crystal cut-off square machine

Monocrystalline silicon cutting machine

Horizontal polycrystalline grinding and polishing machine

Open square arc cutting machine

Monocrystalline silicon cutting machine


Display Equipment Division

Since the establishment in 2007, display equipment division has developed the design, development, business integration capabilities of TFT-LCD-OLED related equipment. The division focuses on the TFT-LCD-OLED products localization to provide users with the alternatives of imported special display equipment.
Currently, the division has 12000m2 professional clean workshop, and a professional  technology manufacturing and a service team of more than 80 people. Technology, quality, project management and other related staff have accepted the systematic training in terms of design, organization, commissioning, service, etc. from the well-known companies in the industry such as Japanese HPT, Toray, Daifuku, etc. The company has cooperated for a number of projects and established a good relationship with Japan companies such as Toray, Hitachi HPT, Daifuku, V-tech, Takano, and South Korea companies such as Vessel, ADP, DE&T, etc.
The company provides the domestic TFT-LCD-OLED leading enterprises such as BOE, CSOT, TIANMA, etc. with the inspection equipment, exposure equipment, and automated transfer equipment, etc. for each process, and becomes the strategic partner of BOE. The company will closely follow the development trend of display technology, and commit to becoming the domestic supplier of TFT-LCD-OLED equipment. )