Ecocera corp. is professional supplier in manufacturing direct copper ceramic (DPC) circuit board such as LEDs Al2O3/AlN fine ceramic substrates , Flesh light module DPC , IR/UV , lighting ,Laser and Automotive used DPC substrate and sub-mount.

Flesh light(Unit size:2020、2016、1016、1010、…)
LED lighting(Unit size:2525、3535、5050、COB…)
Automotive lighting(Unit size:COB…)
UVA/UVC (Unit size:3535、COB…)
IR(Unit size:2525、3535、5050、COB…)

Ecocera provided high quality AlN DPC sub mount to laser and optical Fiber communication customers in many years.

  • TO-CAN for Laser
  • VCSEL for TOF&FaceID
  • COS for Industry laser
  • AlN Submount
  • Al2O3 Submount

PMIC required high current & high voltage to apply. But higher heat caused normal FR4 failure after operation , so high thermal conductivity and high isolation material in replacement is important. Our DPC AlN,Al2O3 and SiN are good solution for.