Multi-layer Metallization and Ceramic Packages

Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic
Oasis Materials can fabricate low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) components from both Ferro and DuPont systems. Secondary component brazing is available including seal rings, pins, etc. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Ferro system available
DuPont system available
Gold or silver ink systems available
Brazing of seal rings, pins, or other components available

Aluminum Nitride
Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Multilayer Circuits and Packages employing tungsten (W) metallization are the perfect solution for those interconnect applications that require the elimination of excess heat.  The expansion matching of our AlN/W system allows for superior thermal transfer from hot areas or components without sacrificing reliability.  AlN has 180W/mK thermal conductivity at room temperature which is comparable to aluminum metal.

Oasis can provide AlN substrates up to 320mm square with or without tungsten thick-film multi-layer metallization using tungsten filled vias for z-axis circuit connectivity. Oasis also provides AlN substrates in various sizes including thin-film surface metallization with fine lines and spaces down to .0005” (12 microns).   The technologies can be combined to provide for internal thick film circuitry with thin-film surface circuitry.

Sizes up to 15 square inches
Thicknesses to .400″
Surface metalization available
Internal lapping and polishing capabilities for achieving tight flatness and surface finish requirements