Kanto Corporation is dedicated to leading the U.S. semiconductor industry as the most advanced supplier of high purity process chemicals, chemical handling systems, and related services. Our unmatched product quality is the result of proven systems and continuous improvement - Kanto has been in the electronics chemical business for over forty years and in the United States for ten. We have invested over $50 million in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in Portland, Oregon, to establish of our world-class capabilities in the United States.

Kanto has a wide range of high purity process chemicals, at ppt-level purity, supplied in a variety of containers. We can support your bottle, drum, tote, and bulk container needs. A partial product list follows:
acetic acid
aluminum etch
ammonium fluoride
ammonium hydroxide
buffered hydrogen fluoride (with and without surfactant)
custom products
dilute sulfuric peroxide, plus (DSP+)
ethyl lactate
ethylene glycol
hydrochloric acid
hydrofluoric acid
isopropyl alcohol
mixed acids
nitric acid
other solvents
phosphoric acid
poly etch
post CMP Cleaning Solutions
potassium hydroxide
sodium hydroxide
specialty blends
sulfuric acid
Kanto is committed to supplying consistently pure material. This is possible through the selection of suitable raw materials, packaging, qualified purification and manufacturing processes, and filling processes in advanced production plants under cleanroom conditions. Kanto uses dedicated systems for each chemical and grade to prevent any cross contamination and ensure the highest purity product each time.

We ensure the product quality even beyond our manufacturing process, from careful selection and testing of materials used for containers to our proprietary cleaning and filling process. Our post-production logistics prevent contamination.

To further develop our knowledge about how Kanto quality can provide process benefits to our customers, Stanford University has performed some research on Kanto's products. A recent paper entitled "Deposition of Aluminum on Silicon from SC1 Solution" concluded that the control of aluminum contamination is necessary to obtain thin oxide dielectrics with good thickness control. Further, the SC1-last cleaning sequences require <10ppt aluminum baths; Kanto's products exceed this requirement.

Material Safety Data Sheets    TOP
Kanto Corporation is committed to the safety of our customers, employees, and the environment. Please contact us directly if you require Material Safety Data Sheets, additional information, or have questions about our EHS programs.

Containers    TOP
Kanto can provide ppt chemicals in a variety of containers to meet your needs. In order to maintain the highest quality products, reduce the total cost of ownership and ensure safe handling of containers, Kanto has a Returnable Container Program in place. Several of our container options are shown below.
Bottles - 1 gallon (4 liter)
Drums - 55 gallon (200 liter)
Totes - 263 gallon (1,000 liter)
Lorry Tanks - 2,000 gallon (8,000 liter)
ISO Tanks - 5,000 gallon (20,000 liter)

Chemical Distribution Systems:
      CS-50 Point of Use (Small Volume) Chemical Distribution Module

      LS-200/LS-200DT (Medium Volume) Chemical Distribution Module

      LS-500 (High Volume) Chemical Distribution Module

Bulk Chemical Systems:
      Bulk Chemical Delivery and Distribution Systems

Chemical Blending and Dilution Systems:
      DS-200/DS-200X2 (Small Volume) Chemical Dilution System

      Product Specific (High Volume) Chemical Blending and
      Dilution Systems

CMP Slurry Systems:
      CMP Slurry Blending/Distribution Systems

Waste Chemical Collection Systems:
      CW-200 Waste Chemical Collection System

Kanto's Chemical Management Services consist of a large number of service elements, each operating within a homogeneous system - the chemical process chain. We provide total system integration. Our services include, but are not limited to, system tracking and documentation, inventory management and control, quality assurance, HAZMAT emergency response, 24-hour system operation and maintenance, and spent chemical disposition.

The goals of our operations team are as follows:

- Provide safe handling of chemicals for the site
- Provide chemical in the quantity and quality required
  at every point of use
- Focus on chemical system uptime
- Manage-out all unplanned tool downtime due to chemicals
  or chemical systems
- Reduce the total cost of chemical supply
- Provide continuous improvement via Kanto's manufacturing team

In conjunction with these goals, Kanto's specific objectives are zero recordable accidents, zero leaks of hazardous materials, 99.99% system availability, zero production time lost due to chemicals or chemical systems, spending within budget, and continuous improvement.

Our Chemical Management Services performance to date has been exceptional, including 99.99% system uptime and zero recordable accidents. This history supports our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.