ECO combine the prefix of Ecological &Economical. It is a symbol of environmental protection and energy conservation for our company to pursue the core values. CERA is from the prefix of Ceramics, that means Ceramics technology is our another main core value. That’s why ECOCERA present we will offer our customers the technology and materials with environmental protection and high value economical ceramics。

ECOCERA was established in January 2011. The company is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Its products are used in LED lighting, automotive lighting, mobile phone LED flash, UV, display and other applications.

We uphold the spirit of excellence, continue our research and development to improve product’s quality and quantity Enhance the professional technical staff and new product innovation to complete a strong R & D group and advanced mature and innovative production technology. Available to provide our customers the products with high competitiveness and high value-added immediately. Mainwhile, pay attention to the image of enterprises, towards high-precision, high-productivity and high-tech goal.

Ecocera corp. is professional supplier in manufacturing direct copper ceramic (DPC) circuit board such as LEDs Al2O3/AlN fine ceramic substrates , Flesh light module DPC , IR/UV , lighting ,Laser and Automotive used DPC substrate and sub-mount.

  • Flesh light(Unit size:2020、2016、1016、1010、…)
  • LED lighting(Unit size:2525、3535、5050、COB…)
  • Automotive lighting(Unit size:COB…)
  • UVA/UVC (Unit size:3535、COB…)
  • IR(Unit size:2525、3535、5050、COB…)

Ecocera provided high quality AlN DPC sub mount to laser and optical Fiber communication customers in many years.

  • TO-CAN for Laser
  • VCSEL for TOF&FaceID
  • COS for Industry laser
  • AlN Submount
  • Al2O3 Submount

PMIC required high current & high voltage to apply. But higher heat caused normal FR4 failure after operation , so high thermal conductivity and high isolation material in replacement is important. Our DPC AlN,Al2O3 and SiN are good solution for.

  • IGBT
  • Convetor / Starter

Our AlN/Al2O3/AMB/SiN Ceramic circuit board DPC solution can be used on RF communication , mmWave , Ladar and ADAS industry.

  • mmWave , MIC
  • Integrated circuit board
  • 5G , RF sub-mount