For over 20 years since its founding in 1997, STI has been supplying quality equipments to semiconductor and display industry including C.C.S.S (Central Chemical Supply System), WET System, Inkjet equipment and etc.

Central Chemical Supply System
Slurry Mixing & Supply System
Chemical Mixing / Dilution System

Central Chemical Supply System
Automated equipment that remotely supplies various
chemical to production equipment through supply
piping for semiconductors, displays and IT industries

Applications- Bulk chemical supply for semiconductor and display
- Acid, Alkali and Solvent delivery system
- ACQC for high flow chemical (automatic connection system)
- Various automation related to chemical systems are available
- Mixing and dilution for semiconductor and display
Features- High purity & flow
- TCM (Total Chemical Management)
- Fully automated system
- No contamination and particle
- System data monitoring (flow rate, pressure, etc.) on CMS
- Turnkey Package
chemical delivery module piping, cabling (signal) valve manifold box (VMB) monitoring system
- Easy to operate with touch screen
- Automatic/semi-automatic/manual mode with PLC
- Optimal design by 3D CAD for easy maintenance
- Particle and metal impurities controlled to customer's quality standard
- CO2 fire extinguisher and auto fire damper provided for solvent
- Warranty covers preventive maintenance service every 6 months
- ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

WET System
Products line with developer which develops color pattern in glass(Developer), wet cleaning
equipment (Cleaner) and wet etching equipment (Glass Etching/Slimming) for TFT,C/F panel.Brochure Download

Cleaner (Initial, Pre-Depo, Pre Photo, ITO)
Basic Specifications
- EUV, AQJ, Shower nozzles, Aqua knife, Air knife
- Single & Double roll brush
- Megasonic line shower (Option)
- Cleaning the glass surface of TFT and Color Filter
- Up to G10.5

Cassette Cleaner
Basic Specifications
- Special wind jet nozzle (cleaning & drying)
- Drying method : In-line type or hot blower type
- Cassette rotation process
- Chamber type : one chamber, two chambers, three chambers
- Cleaning the glass surface of TFT and Color Filter
- Up to G10.5

Basic Specifications
- Slit type for TFT and Oscillation for Color Filter
- Shower nozzles, Aqua knife, Air knife, HPWJ, IR Knife
- Magnetic transfer/Partial tilting transfer
- Recycle system of the developing chemical
- Temp control of developing chemical < ±0.5℃
- Automatic flow control
- Cleaning the glass surface of TFT and Color Filter
- Up to G10.5

Glass Slimming System
Basic Specifications
- 1.4t → 0.8-0.4t
- Good uniformity < 3%
- Micro bubble system
- Patent : Korea, Japan, Taiwan
- Developing the glass surface of photo mask
- Up to G10.5

Basic Specifications
- High pressure shower nozzles, Mega sonic, Aqua knife, Air knife
- Magnetic transfer/Partial tilting transfer
- Removing of photo resist
- Up to G6.0

Basic Specifications
- Oscillation shower nozzles, Aqua knife, Air knife
- Magnetic transfer/Partial tilting transfer
- Patterning of metal layer (ITO, Moly, Al, Cu)
- Up to G10.5
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Cleaner after glass grinding
Basic Specifications
- Shower nozzle, Dual air knife
- Magnetic transfer/Partial tilting transfer
- Cleaning of glass particle after glass grinding
- Mobile size to TV sizeProduct Inquiry
Photo Mask Developer
Basic Specifications
- Shower nozzle, Dual air knife
- Capable of multi mask size
- Developing the glass surface of photo mask
- Up to G6.0


Inkjet printing system
Equipment that sprays ink droplets from the print head through micro-nozzle on top of
electronic materials such as LCDs, OLED boards, semiconductors and PCBs to form PatternsBrochure Download

ㆍOLED Encap, RGB, HIL, HTL and other display RGB compatible
ㆍN2 Environment Process
- O2 / H2O : < 1 ppm
- Up to 6.5G Half Printing System
ㆍDifferentiation technology
- Chuck Mura free
- Visible Mura by STI’s Printing Algorithm
- EPC (Edge Profile Control) Tech.
- Uniform & Optical Clear Organic Film
- Various Printing Mode (Normal, Tilting, Random, …)
- Provides customized, compatible ink & equipment
ㆍProvide logistics & Turnkey
- PT, VCD, OVEN, Load Lock, Purifier, N2BOX, TM…

OCI Printing System
ㆍBeta Coating / 3D Coating
ㆍSimplification of process
ㆍApplicable to every model
ㆍMura free
ㆍWide range of thickness
ㆍEase of job changing
ㆍLow CoO
ㆍCleanness ISO Class 10

Reflow & Wet Blast
Equipment for forming bumps and
flip chips using heat in semiconductor packaging processBrochure Download
Fluxless Reflow System

Wet Blast system

- Fluxless Reflow for solder Bump Ball, Cu pillar & CoW Chip Bonding of the HBM
- Vacuum or ATM Reflow System
- Void-free Bump Ball Performance
- Various Temperature Profile (Step & Slope Type)
- Outstanding O2 Density Control(<1ppm) at Every Process
- Conduction & Convection Heating Chamber System
- No Chip Sliding on the Flip Chip Process
- Temp Control : 250±1% (Max.450℃) Real Time Monitoring of Process Wafer Temp.
- Process gas : Formic acid or no Reactant gas
- Process Pressure : Vaccum / ATM Process
- EFEM(2 or 3 Port) : SEMI Standards




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