FA Technology for future
We develop automatic system and laborsaving equipment taking dispensing technology adapted production needs. Our producing systems match to the production sites as a compilation of the FA technology with potential and high-precision, high throughput and high-value-added, such as desktop robots and SYSTEM3300.

Original technology of fluid control
Our dispensing high technology is applicable for various applications. Dispensing knowhow capable to various production processes. Our original "Fluid Control Technology" is actively in the automatic pressure control dispenser, ACCURA, measuring pumps, screw pumps, LOOP-JET and so on used for processing of leading-edge products.

From "One-Making of Japan" to "One-Making of world"
Our useful technology and products had a good reputation from not only Japanese companies but also global companies, and produced satisfactory of consumers. Recent years in China and other Asian countries where economic development is remarkable so far, our automation dispensing technology greatly improvement quality of products and productivity compared with hand work of operation.
We are always researching world market and investigating for our products and application development.

Our challenge
As a leading company of dispensing, we are working of the development of robot system, FA system and researching of new technology in an advanced industrial field such as biotechnology for life science and nanotechnology which is indispensable for high density of electric devices.


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