Optical system development
and design    
Our labs and design teams have expertise in a wide range of optical systems / image applications,
optics, mechanical, electrical, software, automation and application engineering etc.
We also have a long history of optical imaging and equipment, optical performance modeling and quality control.
With the experience of the long period, we develop and mass produce the best products.

We manufacture systems that include selection and assembly of optical components, sensors, objectives, Z-axis actuators and lighting.
We use the latest technology, precision components and our own assembly technology to provide you with a system for optimal performance.
All components used in production go through rigorous quality control, and the quality of finished products is also thoroughly inspected.

We design and develop customized optical systems and automation components.
and offer solutions for applications that traditional systems cannot solved.
Our expertise and experience is used to build many application systems.
It also quickly presents the design and reasonable cost of the system most suitable for the customer.
We will be your best partner to create the best results for your satisfaction.

The best optical design technology
210nm ~ 2000nm Lens Design Technology

Ultra precision assembly technology using DTM

Lens analysis technology using various interferometers

Self lens processing for sample production

Ultra fine laser processing technology
200nm ~ 1200nm laser Micro Scope Manufacturing technology

50 femto laser specific heat processing technology

Laser Chemical Deposition

0.7um laser scanning

Direct laser DMD patterning

Ultra fine inspection technology
16K Line Scan Camra Sub micro
defect inspection.

Non Stop Defect Reviewing.

Multi Layer Inspection.

Sub nm UV Inspection.

Ultra Precision Analysis Technology
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectro-

Bio chip Analysis.

White Light Interferometer.

Red Blood Cell Analysis.

Widget Document Differentiation.

Laser Source Analysis.



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