COXEM is a leading global supplier of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), a critical tool for nanometrology. As part of the nano-tech revolution that is powering development in the 21st century, COXEM provides high-quality SEMs and accessories backed by our factory-trained service engineers.

Unlike light microscopes, SEM produces images by scanning the sample with a high-energy beam of electrons. This allows vastly higher magnification than traditional light microscopes, and can be used to study microstructure and chemistry in a variety of materials. An essential instrument for nanotechnology, SEMs are used in fields as varied as chemistry, biology, and material science.

Incorporated in 2008, COXEM helped to commercialize the SEM in domestic markets in South Korea, and entered the global market in 2009, with distributers in America, Asia, and Europe.

The ability to analyze and quantify materials is the foundation for every branch of science. Without this ability, new technologies cannot be developed and brought to market. As a leading partner in the Nano-fusion industry, COXEM continues to develop precision, high-quality products that are both advanced and affordable. We are committed to the future of nanotechnology, and invite you to join us in this exciting next era of science and discovery.


The CP-8000+ is an advanced sample preparation tool that etches a cross section of a sample using an argon ion beam. This process avoids physical deformation and structural damage, without requiring complicated chemical processes. In addition, the system simplifies cross-sectional analysis of the sample by processing large areas from tens of um to several mm. 


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