Since our founding, EUV Tech’s mission has not wavered in either intent or goal - to set the benchmark for the strategic and rapid development of precision-built EUV metrology equipment. Our expertise in EUV, soft-x-ray instrumentation, vacuum systems, clean transfer, and full-production system integration allows for rapid development of new EUV metrology tools and improvements to existing tools.

At EUV Tech, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the production of EUV metrology equipment. We do this by not only achieving or exceeding product design specifications, but also by providing world-class customer support to our business partners.  

EUV HVM Reflectometer, EUV Accelerated Exposure Tool, Actinic Image Review System (AIRES®), EUV Pellicle Transmission Measurement System, EUV Pellicle High-Speed Mapping Tool, EUV N&K and Phase Measurement Tool


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