PLASSYS is a French company founded in 1987. Its main activity consists in designing and manufacturing equipment for thin film deposition and ion milling. For 30 years and counting, many prestigious public and private research centers have relied on PLASSYS expertise and know-how in vacuum technology and vacuum applications. As a testimony of our truly international presence, our customers are spread all over the world: France, USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, Germany, UK, etc.

PLASSYS’ range of product lines covers systems for thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, sputtering deposition, diamond growth by CVD, ion gun assisted deposition, and ion etching.

PLASSYS is also a supplier of small scale production systems. Our technology for thin films is mainly applied in semiconductor, superconductor, sensors, tribological and optical layers industries.

Sputtering systems HV/UHV
Ion milling
Diamond growth by MW-PACVD
Special and production machines
Qubit multi-chamber systems
Glove box integrated systems
Software control

Product lines ME and MEB

Lift-off processes
HMET, PHMET transistors
IR waveguides
Thermal barriers
Magnetic materials
MEMS encapsulation

Product line MP

Magnetic films
Optic films
Reactive sputtering

Ion milling
Product lines MG and MU

Micro tips

Diamond growth by MW-PACVD

Electronic grade CVD diamond
High growth rates
Doping with nitrogen or boron
Monocrystal (electronic or gem grade)
2.45 GHz – 6 kW

Special application and production machines

Interface depostion
Multi-substrate processing
24/7 up time and throughput
Perfect reproducibility

Systems for quantum applications

Josephson junctions
Multi-technology integration

Glove box integrated systems

Organic materials
Add-on to existing machines

Software control

System drive and control via PC
Windows PRO with back-up
Multi-user, multi-level



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