[ Vacuum Gate Valve ]

    Isolation of Vacuum line between the process chamber and Vacuum pump
 Soft Start in-line pneumatic gate valve (first developed in the world
 Powder & Particle Free and Quick closing type Soft Start Gate Valve

[ Plasma Cleaning System ]

    Effective Plasma Cleaning for Vacuum Pump & Foreline in Semiconductors & FPDs
 Cost saving for Pump & Foreline Maintenance, decrease of the Particles
 No impact on the Process
    Applications : Foreline & Vacuum Pump cleaning on DIFF/ CVD/ METAL/ ETCH

[ RRG Ashing & Etching System ]

 New Ashing process by Remote Radical Generation
 Wide process window & damageless plasma
 Low-k ashing process
 High ashing/etching rate, High throughput
 Refurbish & Retrofit for Etch & CVD process tools

[ Gas Purification System ]
Gas Purifier
[ Gas Supply System ]
Gas Cabinet
    Valve Manifold Box

[ H2 Gas Stationary System ]

High Performance Reformer
    H2 Diaphragm Compressor
    H2 Stationary Storage
    Hydrogen Dispenser


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