VISINO is a manufacturer that specializes in IC/LCD/LED/PV equipment. We research, develop, produce and sell world-class precise laser welding machines.

Our company has many experienced and professional experts from at home and abroad including talents with more than ten years of experience in photonics, precision machinery, CNC software, and computers; and experienced managers and marketing talents. Office clerks with junior college graduate certificates account for 80% of the whole staff members. We are a team with strong capability of independent design, development and production. At present, our company holds a number of patents for invention and utility model, having all intellectual properties. Therefore, we can provide clients with customized products.

VISINO is devoted to popularizing the application of LCD/LED/PV equipment in China. The products are widely used in different industries, such as jewelry, artworks, craftworks, electronic and electric apparatus, mobile phone communication, clock and watch, glasses, hardware, automobile parts, plastics, carpentry, organic glass, leather, medical cosmetology, etc.


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