The philosophy of the Genicom Group, our reason for existence, values and the principles that we follow in our daily activities.
Based on a thorough understanding of its elements, we fully embrace the Elementsso that our conduct naturally reflects its spirit and intent. Especially when faced with difficult decisions, we use the elements of Genicom to guide our actions.
We believe that by conducting our activities in accordance with the elements of Genicom, we maximize the value of the Genicom Group and promote a unified direction, better serve our customers and business partners, and enhance our contribution to the communities in which we operate and to society as a whole.
It consists of a particular philosophy used by the Genicom Group and a common philosophy of the Genicom Group that we all belong to. As a member of the Genicom Group, we share a fundamental vision to maximize our value and to strive to make a contribution to society.


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