We install a "total gas center" with high purity nitrogen manufacturing equipment and electronics material gas supply systems adjacent to the customer's semiconductor and liquid-crystal manufacturing plants, and provide an around-the-clock stable supply of high purity nitrogen and material gases via pipelines.
We support our customers with total solutions by providing the installation of special piping for high purity specifications essential for the manufacturing process used by customers in the electronics industry, as well as related equipment including high purity gas purifiers, exhaust gas abatement systems, and cylinder cabinets.

Silicon Semiconductor・LCD
Gas name
SiH4    Silane    PH3    Phosphine
B2H6    Diborane    SiH2Cl2    Dichlorosilane
GeH4    Germane    Si2H6    Disilane
SiH(CH3)3    Trimethyl Silane    SiF4    Silicon Tetrafluoride
WF6    Tungsten Hexafluoride    TiCl4    Titanium Tetrachloride
NH3    Ammonia    N2O    Nitrous Oxide
C3H6    Propylene          
Cleaning and Etching
Gas name
NF3    Nitrogen Trifluoride    CO    Carbon monoxide
C2F6    Hexafluoro Ethane    C3F8    Octafluoro Propane
C4F6    Hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene    C4F8    Octafluorocyclobutane
Octafluorocyclopentene    CF4    Tetrafluoromethane
CHF3    Trifluoromethane    COS    Carbonyl Sulfide
C2HF5    Pentafluoroethane    CH2F2    Difluoromethane
CH3F    Methyl Fluoride    ClF3    Chlorine Trifluoride
SF6    Sulfur Hexafluoride    Cl2    Chlorine
BCl3    Boron Trichloride    HBr    Hydrogen Bromide
HCl    Hydrogen Chloride    HF    Hydrogen Fluoride
Ion Inplant
SDS Safe Delivery Source

Gas name
SDS AsH3    Arsine    SDS PH3    Phosphine
SDS 11BF3    Boron Trifluoride    SDS SiF4    Silicon Tetrafluoride
SDS GeF4    Germanium tetrafluoride    SDS H2Se    Hydrogen Selenide
AsH3 mixture    Arsine Mixtures    PH3 mixture    Phosphine Mixtures
BF3    Boron Trifluoride    PF3    Phosphorus Trifluoride
SiF4    Silicon Tetrafluoride    GeF4    Germanium Tetrafluoride

Compound Semiconductor
Gas name
AsH3    Arsine    PH3    Phosphine
NH3    Ammonia    TMG    Trimethyl Gallium
TMA    Trimethyl Aluminum     

Gas name
SiH4    Silane    PH3    Phosphine
B2H6    Diborane    TMB    Trimethylboron
GeH4    Germane    NH3    Ammonia
H2Se    Hydrogen Selenide    NF3    Nitrogen Trifluoride
SF6    Sulfur Hexafluoride    DEZn    Diethylzinc

Gas name
SiHCl3    Trichlorosilane    NO    Nitric Oxide
H2    Hydrogen    D2    Deuterium
Argon + Oxygen Mixture Gas    Argon+Oxygen Mixture Gas    Helium + Oxygen Mixture Gas    Helium+Oxygen Mixture Gas
Argon + Methane Mixture Gas    Argon+Methane Mixture Gas    Nitrogen + Hydroge Mixture Gas    Nitrogen+Hydrogen
Mixture Gas
Gas name
N2    Nitrogen    O2    Oxygen
Ar    Argon    He    Helium
CO2    Carbon Dioxide     

Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation designs, manufactures and sells cylinder cabinets, bulk specialty gas systems (BSGS), purifiers,
abatement systems or scrubbers,monitoring systems, and piping for semiconductors, LCD, organic EL,
PV (photovoltaic cells), LED, SiC power devices, and MEMS.
Cylinder cabinets
We provide cylinder cabinets that comply with the requirements
of the High Pressure Gas Safety Act and bulk specialty
gas systems (BSGS) that supply large volumes of specialty
material gas. These products are designed for universities,
research institutes, and mass production factories.

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We are a leading manufacturer of purifiers for nitrogen,
oxygen, hydrogen, argon, helium, and ammonia.
We offer a broad range of purification systems,
including systems based on normal temperature adsorption,
cryogenic adsorption, and gettering.

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Waste gas abatement system
We’ve been active in the development, design, and production of
gas abatement systems for many years.
Making the most of our expertise, we provide equipment designed
to meet the specific needs of individual customers.




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